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Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith

Hello again..
Hey today is the first day of the new year of month January. Haha, yup it is already 2011 guys. 1.1.11 (cool number isn't it?)..Wow, it's just like a blink of eye to just say goodbye to our fella 2010. But the memories still be memories, and won't be trashed though the years has passed. Hehee3.

Owh, today for my very first post for the Brand New year, I like to share with you guys a movie that my family and I watched during the New Year's Eve. Same channel as always, the Diva Universal Channel at 702 on Astro. This channel always have played a lot of videos that kinda like impressing the good values and sentimental words, and they usually don't come up with something more action and fantasies in it. (Now you know why they 'Use' Diva as their channel's name..hehe)

here goes the title..

Ok, my first thought when I read the title is that this story maybe is about a women who had a divorce with her man and stuck to another man named Smith. Well, actually it's merely to what I have concluded, except that Smith its actually a College name, Smith College. Hahaha..

so here begins the story-:
There is a woman name Mrs. Washington or known also as Alice, come to Smith College for continuing back her study life back after 30 years abandoned it for cause of marriage and her kids. She is actually from the same college back then, and she wanted to continue in the field she interested. So, during the Registration Day, she come and almost bumped to a girl riding a scooter. Unfortunately, the girl returned out as her dorm mates, or maybe roommates. Owh, by the way, the girl's name is Zoe. She kinda have a super rock urban style of a girl in that college, and she is in her last year before graduate.

During the first day of their class, they actually are in the same class of poetry, or I think it's an English class. The teacher, or I should say the lecturer, is quite a catch on, and all of the class student are girls and women. So most of them go attracted with the lecturer. Just by the end of the class, the lecturer or the name given is Professor O'Neil give them a flash quiz that to be answered in 2 minutes. Upon checking the answers, the professor ask that two roomies to stay, and they have been told that they got the same exactly answer, though it is wrong. Alice know that Zoe did copy her answer as she did just behind her, but she just kept silence and not pointing the blame to Zoe. But it continued to be some arguments between those two outside the class. And they had shut their mouths from talking to each other.

Alice had some skills for throwing basketballs, so when she was practicing alone she had been invited by one of her housemate to join the basketball team. Ends up, they two joined the basketball club after had some physical training together and becoming their reserved players. Zoe, well she had some troubles in her class music, playing her picked piano scores for ending her life in the College, coz she didn't done any practice at all before the time of her examination. And every test she attend, she won't get great grades for it.

Later on the story goes, Zoe and Alice had become best friends again after Zoe try to apologize by doing something spectacular on Alice, and that is some makeover before the Thanksgiving. Alice was thrilled, and at the same time the apologize accepted. She asked Zoe to come along for celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids, but she rejects it for some reason. But before the makeover, Alice was actually in admiration with Professor O'Neil alot. She called his name Terry by the way, during their chit chat in a Cafe. She then asked some advice from Zoe about dating and impressions, and Zoe had given some superb tips about that.

Unfortunately, both of them had a crush to the same man, and the man is Terry. Alice had her part of trying to tackle Terry during Christmas because both of them are not celebrating it with their families. Alice's kids having their Christmas outside the States, whereas Terry's wife had died about 3 years ago in an accident, so he isn't have that spirit of celebrating any celebration. While Zoe, she try her luck after came back from Bermuda, and confesses to Terry in his room when all of a sudden, Alice came and said to Terry that she can't stop thinking of him, without noticing Zoe is in the room. So they back for an argument, though both of them didn't know that they were attracted to the same man, and Terry actually got a crush on Alice. Because Zoe was so upset, she told one of her best friend that returned out, her besties report to the Administration. Terry was given a serious warning, though both of them didn't do anything, because the rules states that there will be no teacher-student interrelation. But, Zoe know that she had done something wrong, so she gave a pot of flower kinda like exactly the one that Alice had trashed because of this fight, with a SORRY card on it. Again, the apology is accepted.

It's about time, where the real final examination is just around the corner. Still Zoe can't have her hands play accordingly to the key. So she decides to quit the college before the college does, but Alice stopped her, and from that moment, Alice volunteer herself becoming the 24/7 mentor to help Zoe with her practice before her Final Exams. Then comes the day, where Zoe will try her best out for played the piece for the last time, and Alice is on her basketball game. Fortunate for both of them, Alice were asked to go and play and she did score the last points for her team that makes them the winner for the game, and Zoe had successfully pass the exams. A great day for both of them.

Alice out of her conscious had taught Zoe to become respectful to older person during their friendship life, while Alice had some tips that can really help her tackle guys. Both of them graduate successfully, and Alice had dumped her ex-man for a new guy, and that is Terry.

To me-:
the part i most like is how the life of a greater age person goes back to deepen their knowledge and had some relation with some girls/boys of at the age when she/he suppose to get the education is displayed throughout this movie. Where values and ethics are shown from both of the girls and is been shared. So does the hardship and patience they put into their life as a student.

I know that in any part of life, whether you are rich or poor, either you are in a third world country or the first world country, or if you're famous or being a low profiler, there always been troubles and hardship and patience practiced in every area, in any situation. I always taught myself that being someone that makes the most mistakes makes you the stronger, the brilliant guy the next day, coz i understand now that by doing mistakes we then learn, and mistakes are our best teacher. And, we can eventually instill the good deeds with its real meaning and being someone practicing good values in everyday life.

~Be generous to self~
..It's an idea of life..

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