Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Breaking Through

Last night I can't make myself to fell asleep.. And I did make my eyes closed after watching two movies played at Chanel 702 which is the Diva Universal..It was a drama that really fascinates my eyes..really enchant me with the sacrifices and the upstanding love that the mother shown infinity-ly to their two son she had..The story begins:Patsy (the mother's name) is a cheerful single mom with her two very dearest sons, Jason and Kevin..she is being a single mom ever since her true life partner, her husband had died during his handling at his workplace. So she had sacrifices all his time to pay and feed her family 24/7. She is working in an office as a janitor, a waitress in a simple restaurant and she had collecting plastic bottles to gain extra money. Her oldest son Jason is working as a paper boy to help his mother's burden a little bit..But all had changed after Kevin which already been known with his asthma had an acute respiratory failure and Patsy needs to gain really large amount of money to pay the hospital billings.Fortunately,her friend.. I forgot her name, had help her with the bills, but with some advice on a job that will change her whole family's life. and that job is by becoming a dealer..Patsy resist the offer at first but she can't stand with the pledge about to foreseek about her childrens life. And that means becoming dealer is the only one way that can break through her harshness of having money and helping their children.She then becoming one of the dealer in her neighbourhood. She had gain much money to pay and buy foods and also some medicine for her sick child. She was very glad but at the same time nervous of being bad to gain that money. Later, her friend asks her to go and meet her client, which is their big boss dealer coz that guy wants to have some interrogation-like observation of his new partner. So she went to see the guy, and because of the guy wants to have some faith with her, he asked Patsy to have a "taste" of the drug..because of her desperation, she just took the drug, when then her life goes spirally jeopardize as she becoming addicted to the drug and had reformed herself from a cheerish mom to a smoking head, red alert mother which always feels annoyed with their children. She becomes more forgetful, and the love seems to swept away within herself to her children, which they too notices of their mother's change..there are quite a times that Jason wants to bring along Kevin away from his mother..but Patsy had stops them from doing so. Because she do love them, just the only reason that she can't control of herself anymore and wants the help of their children to help her change. Kevin which very dear to her mother had pulled Jason back and together they have helped their mom becoming their 'mother' back again...Then Patsy had outwit herself to go to the police and tell about the syndicates and had helped the police to capture the big boss..THE END..Nice story right??I do love such sacrifice which that mother had forward her love, endless love to her beloved children, with nothing to mumbling about the works she do, and the time she uses just to gain money for her family to survive..and she never ever not loving her children. It is so sweet that Patsy had shown support to her childrens spoken-ly or litterally not spoken..I do know my mom is just the same as Patsy with what had she done to me until who am I today. Without her love, maybe I couldn'take it to this far..I just love my mother so very much..To, PUAN NORHAYATI BINTI MOHD ZAINThis is just a bit of my endless love to you , and I just hope that you know thatI LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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Dan.Eliot said...

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Saidy~Go~Lucky said...

hahaha...thankx for the comment...yet i noe that most mums today..dont want to make any credit card..they dun want to make any debts which have more interests

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