Monday, February 21, 2011

8 Dances HONESTLY!!

WOW...can't ever imagined that all those hard work and sweats, and aches and painful, tiredness etc had paid us really well on that night. An event which I personally think that it starts and ends, thruout the event period itself was SUPERB!! >.<

MAG or Malam Alunan Gemersik held for the fifth times (5th season) really blows the day. Never thought that making an event on Sunday is sure to attract more people than the usually been thinking and have been done. Yeah...I know that this event is the BIGGEST organization and AWESOME hit held by KEB or Kelab Estetika Budaya  UiTM Pahang. Everyone sure loves to go and watch any reality show like this huh...Do you??

MAG is an event for people to show their talented skill with superb voice competing each other for title 'THE WINNER'. Same goes to any reality show, just that this competition needs the singer to perform 2 songs; one in the genre of Etnik Kreatif and the other one goes with the theme of the season. For this semester, we decided to put POP as the main theme song. Yet the element intended by us, the dancers to show our performance is the festivals or pesta.

I was happy thruout the event itself as this will be going to be my last show (hopefully not) for this semester..."Hey, I'm almost done with the diploma, need to have some brak a little bit, old enough to be think of.."hehe. Giving the best that i could no matter how painful my leg was during the day, hoouuu~ it really gives me some nerves to think back that I couldn't really perform well, much in what do I expected. Though, fun I was kept thinking. I want it to be my best review of my past life. goes the list of my dance that nite i (we the KEBians performe <3)
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Joget for Umpan Jinak Di Air Tenang
  • Ceracap Inai (girls only)
  • Zapin Pekajang (tremendoulsy like hell, but its nice to dance)
  • Zapin Putar Alam and Zapin Tanjung Labuh for Pantun Budi
  • Tiba TIba Tembok (pesta Festival)

A lot huh?
you know what it means aite??

It's worth to do, it's worth the pain, and it's worth with what we have shown.
I'm Glad, We're relieved, and All are happy.

~that's just it~
~hope to cover more~
~ever stay in touch yo~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have Passed the Public Speaking Stage Freight

It is an enormous relief when I do say "I end my speech".
Those nervous feeling, anxiety, uncomfortable, and lots of uneasiness have shaked down from my entire body.
(~kasi goyang sikit~)

Is best to end something when you are really prepared to do it. Well, I must say I am not good with presentation, presenting is my worst enemy ever although if I need to prepared it in Bahasa. I think the 'azali'  word really suits me well. Though I have been on stage for quite a times, I never had the guts to outstand in front of the public. Even if my name was called up to take prizes for any competitions I entered, I might fell the beating of my heart like try to explode out from my chest.

Now there is 'shirt-fright'

Owh, to be clear of what I am doing actually, just now all my friends in the group need to present their own slides and speech according to what company they have chosen. I am in the group with three girls namely Thania, Ani and also Mek aka Yasmin. We have chosen Ajinomoto (M) Berhad to be the presented.

"now already pass our presentation,listen to others lah~ make me very sleepy-lah!!!!!!!!
now time to goyang bro!!!!!"
(quotation made by Ani interrupting my "luahan perasaan" here)

Hey, I'm done here...
The futon is calling me,
The pillow is drifting towards me..
Yes, you know what it is

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Let Red Be The Blessing

Hey, the red light will go brighter starting tomorrow onwards. Being blessed with the protective and prosperous colours of the red, Chinese all over the world will entirely beginning their new year journey for the festive known by all.

It feels merry to have multiracial people belong just near you, in a country like this, Malaysia. Where every festivals occurs here, you can get access to holidays even though we                                                                         (the Malays, Indians and Natives of Malaysia for Chinese New Year) are not quite practically celebrating it. And must say that, when this day come, oranges will strike to all malls and groceries to be purchased. Well, I love so much the sour-sweet mixed of the taste of the oranges, and this festive are sure the best to have this fruits eaten and pleasured.

how does the story of this festive begins, or how do the colors and rituals being proposed into this festival??
I actually dunno the exact terms or stories does every symbolism in this festival means. But i do remember a cartoon story aired during my childhood time, and it was aired on TV2 with English dubbing. I still have this vague memories on the meaning of the red.

Well, they say red means very much for their life. Especially nowadays, the Chinese sees the red color as the color of fortune and prosperity. Well, in that story, it very much signifies the meaning of todays people, but one thing for sure that why the red color is being chosen is because the color is the protective coat for them against ghost and spirits. When the ghost sees the red color, it gives an alarm color so they won't be harming the family, or they may get harm.

Oh, for the true storyline, actually the red has been chosen as the primary color for Chinese New Year, actually the ghost that i mention is actually a beast know as NIAN. You all notice right that Chinese will prepare food at their mini prayer place, or some put in front of their door?? So, basically that is the substitute offering to Nian, which before this they eat kids. But, one day suddenly when Nian try to eat a boy that wears a red color shirt, that beast stops and flee from the village it attacks. So from that onwards, people use red to be their protective shield from the beast. They also include some firecrackers as an enhancement to scare away the Nian forever.

Nice isn't it??
For those who didn't celebrate, maybe we all should celebrate their season by open and bring some joy to the air throughout the Lunar Year.

to Malaysian Chinese
and not forgetting
Chinese all over the WORLD