Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Let Red Be The Blessing

Hey, the red light will go brighter starting tomorrow onwards. Being blessed with the protective and prosperous colours of the red, Chinese all over the world will entirely beginning their new year journey for the festive known by all.

It feels merry to have multiracial people belong just near you, in a country like this, Malaysia. Where every festivals occurs here, you can get access to holidays even though we                                                                         (the Malays, Indians and Natives of Malaysia for Chinese New Year) are not quite practically celebrating it. And must say that, when this day come, oranges will strike to all malls and groceries to be purchased. Well, I love so much the sour-sweet mixed of the taste of the oranges, and this festive are sure the best to have this fruits eaten and pleasured.

how does the story of this festive begins, or how do the colors and rituals being proposed into this festival??
I actually dunno the exact terms or stories does every symbolism in this festival means. But i do remember a cartoon story aired during my childhood time, and it was aired on TV2 with English dubbing. I still have this vague memories on the meaning of the red.

Well, they say red means very much for their life. Especially nowadays, the Chinese sees the red color as the color of fortune and prosperity. Well, in that story, it very much signifies the meaning of todays people, but one thing for sure that why the red color is being chosen is because the color is the protective coat for them against ghost and spirits. When the ghost sees the red color, it gives an alarm color so they won't be harming the family, or they may get harm.

Oh, for the true storyline, actually the red has been chosen as the primary color for Chinese New Year, actually the ghost that i mention is actually a beast know as NIAN. You all notice right that Chinese will prepare food at their mini prayer place, or some put in front of their door?? So, basically that is the substitute offering to Nian, which before this they eat kids. But, one day suddenly when Nian try to eat a boy that wears a red color shirt, that beast stops and flee from the village it attacks. So from that onwards, people use red to be their protective shield from the beast. They also include some firecrackers as an enhancement to scare away the Nian forever.

Nice isn't it??
For those who didn't celebrate, maybe we all should celebrate their season by open and bring some joy to the air throughout the Lunar Year.

to Malaysian Chinese
and not forgetting
Chinese all over the WORLD

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