Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have Passed the Public Speaking Stage Freight

It is an enormous relief when I do say "I end my speech".
Those nervous feeling, anxiety, uncomfortable, and lots of uneasiness have shaked down from my entire body.
(~kasi goyang sikit~)

Is best to end something when you are really prepared to do it. Well, I must say I am not good with presentation, presenting is my worst enemy ever although if I need to prepared it in Bahasa. I think the 'azali'  word really suits me well. Though I have been on stage for quite a times, I never had the guts to outstand in front of the public. Even if my name was called up to take prizes for any competitions I entered, I might fell the beating of my heart like try to explode out from my chest.

Now there is 'shirt-fright'

Owh, to be clear of what I am doing actually, just now all my friends in the group need to present their own slides and speech according to what company they have chosen. I am in the group with three girls namely Thania, Ani and also Mek aka Yasmin. We have chosen Ajinomoto (M) Berhad to be the presented.

"now already pass our presentation,listen to others lah~ make me very sleepy-lah!!!!!!!!
now time to goyang bro!!!!!"
(quotation made by Ani interrupting my "luahan perasaan" here)

Hey, I'm done here...
The futon is calling me,
The pillow is drifting towards me..
Yes, you know what it is

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