Friday, December 24, 2010

Clever Edisi Malaysia #1

Hai there...
In this post, I want you guys to come with me venture some ideas about science, logics and explanations of how anything or everything is related directly to the relative idea of science and the logically thinking of human...

not all things can be explained directly by critical thinking of a human.. and the inspiration of a man making an explanations of a thing is basically by the power of an eye..and that is the ULTIMATE OBSERVATION (and it is one thorough observation okeyh??)

~I was actually been inspired by the game show "Clever Edisi Malaysia...Bijak, Memang Bijak" (just love the motto) that is aired on Channel 611 in Astro.. it is actually a competition between 2 schools competing for points awarded for them each time they answer a science problem correctly~ basically this science infos is taken largely from the TV game show itself, and i am proud to point out this knowledge to all....


Question is:
Is temperature of the toilet door mat and also the tile of the toilet be
A. the same??
B. different??

preview of how we do the experiment

Logic Answer : well, one might answer is the experience that when u step on the floor or tile of the toilet u will felt cold, but instead u felt warm when step onto the mat..

Observation : When u check the temperature using a thermometer, u may find that the toilet door mat and also the tile or the floor of the toilet is merely the same..this happens as the mat and also the tile have reach their thermal equilibrium, simply known to say as the temperature of both the mat and the floor had reach their balance temperature..

Scientifically Explained : As u step on the floor or the tile, the cement which is a good conductor of heat will exchange the high temperature of your feet with the temperature of the cement which is cold, that is why u felt colder..and as u step onto the mat which is a poor conductor of heat, it wont be able to exchange the heat between the two contact at fast pace, therefore u felt warmer than the floor.

Science is interesting rite..
i love being explained for anything i dont know..
and i love to share..

memang BIJAK!!

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wow soo nice

Anonymous said...

kami dari sk sri aman...boleh tak profeser bawa kami ke sana

Saidy~Go~Lucky said...

Maaf....saya pon bukannya prof utk AstroCeria...
cume saya kongsikan maklumat dr cerite tuh je...sekian

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