Friday, December 31, 2010

Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith

Hello again..
Hey today is the first day of the new year of month January. Haha, yup it is already 2011 guys. 1.1.11 (cool number isn't it?)..Wow, it's just like a blink of eye to just say goodbye to our fella 2010. But the memories still be memories, and won't be trashed though the years has passed. Hehee3.

Owh, today for my very first post for the Brand New year, I like to share with you guys a movie that my family and I watched during the New Year's Eve. Same channel as always, the Diva Universal Channel at 702 on Astro. This channel always have played a lot of videos that kinda like impressing the good values and sentimental words, and they usually don't come up with something more action and fantasies in it. (Now you know why they 'Use' Diva as their channel's name..hehe)

here goes the title..

Ok, my first thought when I read the title is that this story maybe is about a women who had a divorce with her man and stuck to another man named Smith. Well, actually it's merely to what I have concluded, except that Smith its actually a College name, Smith College. Hahaha..

so here begins the story-:
There is a woman name Mrs. Washington or known also as Alice, come to Smith College for continuing back her study life back after 30 years abandoned it for cause of marriage and her kids. She is actually from the same college back then, and she wanted to continue in the field she interested. So, during the Registration Day, she come and almost bumped to a girl riding a scooter. Unfortunately, the girl returned out as her dorm mates, or maybe roommates. Owh, by the way, the girl's name is Zoe. She kinda have a super rock urban style of a girl in that college, and she is in her last year before graduate.

During the first day of their class, they actually are in the same class of poetry, or I think it's an English class. The teacher, or I should say the lecturer, is quite a catch on, and all of the class student are girls and women. So most of them go attracted with the lecturer. Just by the end of the class, the lecturer or the name given is Professor O'Neil give them a flash quiz that to be answered in 2 minutes. Upon checking the answers, the professor ask that two roomies to stay, and they have been told that they got the same exactly answer, though it is wrong. Alice know that Zoe did copy her answer as she did just behind her, but she just kept silence and not pointing the blame to Zoe. But it continued to be some arguments between those two outside the class. And they had shut their mouths from talking to each other.

Alice had some skills for throwing basketballs, so when she was practicing alone she had been invited by one of her housemate to join the basketball team. Ends up, they two joined the basketball club after had some physical training together and becoming their reserved players. Zoe, well she had some troubles in her class music, playing her picked piano scores for ending her life in the College, coz she didn't done any practice at all before the time of her examination. And every test she attend, she won't get great grades for it.

Later on the story goes, Zoe and Alice had become best friends again after Zoe try to apologize by doing something spectacular on Alice, and that is some makeover before the Thanksgiving. Alice was thrilled, and at the same time the apologize accepted. She asked Zoe to come along for celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids, but she rejects it for some reason. But before the makeover, Alice was actually in admiration with Professor O'Neil alot. She called his name Terry by the way, during their chit chat in a Cafe. She then asked some advice from Zoe about dating and impressions, and Zoe had given some superb tips about that.

Unfortunately, both of them had a crush to the same man, and the man is Terry. Alice had her part of trying to tackle Terry during Christmas because both of them are not celebrating it with their families. Alice's kids having their Christmas outside the States, whereas Terry's wife had died about 3 years ago in an accident, so he isn't have that spirit of celebrating any celebration. While Zoe, she try her luck after came back from Bermuda, and confesses to Terry in his room when all of a sudden, Alice came and said to Terry that she can't stop thinking of him, without noticing Zoe is in the room. So they back for an argument, though both of them didn't know that they were attracted to the same man, and Terry actually got a crush on Alice. Because Zoe was so upset, she told one of her best friend that returned out, her besties report to the Administration. Terry was given a serious warning, though both of them didn't do anything, because the rules states that there will be no teacher-student interrelation. But, Zoe know that she had done something wrong, so she gave a pot of flower kinda like exactly the one that Alice had trashed because of this fight, with a SORRY card on it. Again, the apology is accepted.

It's about time, where the real final examination is just around the corner. Still Zoe can't have her hands play accordingly to the key. So she decides to quit the college before the college does, but Alice stopped her, and from that moment, Alice volunteer herself becoming the 24/7 mentor to help Zoe with her practice before her Final Exams. Then comes the day, where Zoe will try her best out for played the piece for the last time, and Alice is on her basketball game. Fortunate for both of them, Alice were asked to go and play and she did score the last points for her team that makes them the winner for the game, and Zoe had successfully pass the exams. A great day for both of them.

Alice out of her conscious had taught Zoe to become respectful to older person during their friendship life, while Alice had some tips that can really help her tackle guys. Both of them graduate successfully, and Alice had dumped her ex-man for a new guy, and that is Terry.

To me-:
the part i most like is how the life of a greater age person goes back to deepen their knowledge and had some relation with some girls/boys of at the age when she/he suppose to get the education is displayed throughout this movie. Where values and ethics are shown from both of the girls and is been shared. So does the hardship and patience they put into their life as a student.

I know that in any part of life, whether you are rich or poor, either you are in a third world country or the first world country, or if you're famous or being a low profiler, there always been troubles and hardship and patience practiced in every area, in any situation. I always taught myself that being someone that makes the most mistakes makes you the stronger, the brilliant guy the next day, coz i understand now that by doing mistakes we then learn, and mistakes are our best teacher. And, we can eventually instill the good deeds with its real meaning and being someone practicing good values in everyday life.

~Be generous to self~
..It's an idea of life..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolusi 2011

Today is the end of the month of December and also meaning the End of the year. Yup, 31st of December of 2010, the last day we gonna live in this year.


HELLO 2011

Hey, aren't the sparkles of fireworks gonna BOOM!! all over the midnight sky tonight? Hohoho, I just don't know, but it always happen every year during the New Year's Day when the clock struck to 12 o'clock in the midnight.

People always tend to have their resolution list for every upcoming new year. To be this, to be that, wanting this, wanting that. But, for me, i think i never had a list of resolution in each new year I had. Well, i think i did have some ongoing wish that i never stop to think of it till today. I always wanted to do the best for others better than myself, and I always think like that.

Anyway, I'm leaving my Twenty today and step on my 21st tomorrow, though my birthday still a long way run. Getting another one more age makes me more adult and mature to think for just anything. So, for those that have their 2011 resolution, be sure to make it real, and then you will have your best 2011 going on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Recently I just knew that I'm totally into this blog. With more posts during this holiday, and of course I likely to update my blog each day for a post..
(though there some days that i skipped to post a new story, hehehe3),
it is a complete fascination for me, or maybe to you readers how we did or will be exploring our days, and happily outward the occasion or the memory lane that we had to all people out there.

Hah, I myself like to explore new things, even though I listed myself quite a phobia to certain things, like height, tremendous speed, etc. But, when it does come to me, those phobics, I try to jump myself into the highlighted, alarmed area that myself had labeled so that I can, or probably outwit myself to face those fear (most likely to be happen, IF I am that strong enough to face it, haha)

One thing that I till today have problems to deal with is with my stage fright, or scientifically in the phobia names, it is called as-:
Glossophobia is defined as those that is coward, or politely said as fear of public speaking. Well, I'm not so sure if I am that phobia when on stage, but I am sure that, when I am on stage, it makes me nervous all the time, and when I can't hold it, I will surely can forget everything that I had memorized before.

I remember when I was at the age of 11 (if I am not mistaken), I was in standard 5 by the time, and being the representative for the school (Sekolah Kebangsaan Lembah Keramat) for a story telling competition, "Kisah-Kisah Anbiya'". I actually not remember what story that my Ustadzah had made for me, but the thing I remember is that it is a story telling represented by each school for about minimum 10 minutes, and the story is included some of the Quran phrases.

I don't know why I was nervous the whole time during the day of the competition, even I had myself going to the toilet like every 1 minute. (Felt silly isn't it). I actually had moved on to the district level, after I beat up some kids from the Zone level. Maybe because the level of the competition's getting higher, I was a bit fluctuated. I was picked as the number 2 contestants to represent, and by the time I stood up facing the juries and also the other representatives from other school, my legs vigorously shaking!! But i just ignored it and begin my heart warming introduction speech.

But, i was getting too nervous, and i just CAN'T control it, and that moment, I was like totally white out with all the things I remembered. I stood on the stage like a pole, saying nothing, and I shamelessly spoke out my end speech with my voice can't be heard to all, and it was like shaking terribly. My face was red at that moment, and I just walked away from the hall with my Ustadzah followed me behind. was very secretly-like-hell moment for me and for my school eventually. But, I have a great Ustadzah (teacher) accompany me, and she said that "Never mind, maybe it's not the day for us" (In malay she said). I ask for forgiveness coz I had made shame for the school. (funny if to think back my stupidity shown on that moment)

So, how you decide me as a Glossophobia, am I one of the human that have this freaking disorder? I myself can't decide if I have 'that' in my list, (I mean if I really have those symptoms of a stage fright-er). But, till today, I can't stop to feel nervous every time I get on stage, eventhough to receive an award. I will in complete lost if my name is asked to be on stage. hehe3

Well, there you go.
Today I'm including a new label for my blog page, "We all Phobias of". So, starting with this post as my first talk bout the Phobia, I will begin my Phobia stories
(well maybe not all Phobias I have),
plus some information of the situation of the phobics deal with their phobias. Actually, what inspires me with this Phobias is because they got names that WOW me, and it actually entertain me to say all the phobia words, haahah..

Honouring The Death

Today is 27th of December 2010..
hmm I still keep counting for the days of my homecoming back to Jengka, yup that is my study place. Somewhere near the woods, or should I say the 'planned' hectares of Palm trees grown by the workers under the Federal Land Development Authority, best known as FELDA. Though I am not really satisfied with my holiday, coz i can't fulfill almost every of my thorough plan
(well maybe it is just some sudden plan),
I am in love to be home. But maybe i should start wake up and realizing back that I am a student, and studying is where should I be.

But, what's with the TITLE is all about...'Honouring The Death' ??, for what reasons you readers might think of. Yes, there is one news I like to share, maybe to reminisce back the day of the black tragedy. It's not because of my relatives just passed away or something nearly connected to me leave the world forever (though one of the Chinese in my neighbourhood had passed away recently, 3 days ago if I'm not mistaken), but the one that I want you readers to remember back is the moment of 26th December of year 2004.


Yeah, it is an horrifying scene that had happened enormously shocking to all Asians, largely for those who felt, seen or maybe the one that saw the moment when the seas ragingly tackle those near the beaches with its huge waves with its height of at least 5 times the height of a coconut tree. ~TSUNAMI~

Yesterday (26th December 2010), counted as the 6th year since the tragedy. I literally didn't meant for you guys to remember the pain, loss and sadness upon my story. But i figuratively came out with this post as I will like to make a moment for us to think deeply, and behave accordingly with what or anything that we marked, from a story or a tragedy or from news, to be a lesson for us.

Scientifically we may say that Tsunami happened because of the movement of land beneath the sea as the pressure and friction between to uneven lands strike one of it to be uplifted above the condition they suppose to be. And when that happens, it moves the water of the sea upwards and creating a taller, huge sea waves which we practically known now as Tsunami. (well, maybe i'm wrong but that is what i understand and know of how the tsunami been created).

Well, i like to pledge, but maybe is more to 'Please', that stop 'punishing' the nature and the environment. Maybe all of us thought that we had never done anything to harm those that very 'friendly' to us, but I think that we all have done super-ly wrong to those two. Think again, we might seen that the one live in Indonesia where the Tsunami had strike suppose to be another part of Asia that is holy, or we Asians labeled it as 'Serambi Mekah', but why the rage of mother nature that full with anger, like they have grudge to us hold long enough, strike those, or a place that we ever can imagine to be happening??
(Those question to be answered by all readers here)

I know, I'm also one of those that always forgetting about being thankful to my surroundings, including the nature itself. But, I hope with this post today, maybe I myself or even the readers reading my post here will instill good deeds, being thankful, and honouring their surrounding, doesn't matter if to someone or to something. That what's important.

~Be humble, Be sincere, Be HUMAN~

Thank You,
And Hope We are Being A Somebody,
Not a Nobody..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Clever Edisi Malaysia #2

Hai again guyz..
today for the second experiment of 'Clever Edisi Malaysia..Bijak??..Memang bijak!!', we are going to ask a simple question regarding our everyday life situation..hmm wonder what could the experiments would be..

So to kindly make you understand the whole process of the experiment, i would like you to have yourself-:
  • 2 plastic bottles
  • some tap water
hey..its really easy to get all this 'ingredients' huh?..well what are you ready for..go pick up these stuffs and we will make an experiment based on the question that i will give you below here


Ok here goes,
With that two bottle, one of it will be poured with the tap water until it reaches the top. While the other bottle will be sticked together with the bottle filled with water at their openings..
like this

make it kinda like this..
but be sure to take off the plastic cover on the bottle

so here goes the Question:

What is the best, fastest way of pouring the water inside the bottle to the other bottle?
A. Pump it by push the sides of the bottle
B. Shake it up and down like we used to do to pour out sauces from its bottle
C. By spinning the back of the bottle

Logic Answer: Well, to start with A, many will used this way as the pressure will pump out the water really fast. But might some of us pick B, which also a common way of pour out things out of a bottle. But likely, not all will pick answer C, as if to be think of it, the water will be spiraling all over the bottle, so then it will drop out the water slowly.

Shaking the bottle like this ok?
but be sure to make it like the one instructed...

Observation: If to check the answer A which is pump the bottle, you may see that the some of the water will slowly poured out when the bottle retain to its original shape. For the answer B, well when u shake back and forth he bottle, it same goes to the water inside the bottle which the water will be rocked back and forth. For the answer C, there is a vortex appear in the middle of the bottle directly to its opening.

Squeeze the bottle really hard..
try out..but don't do as the picture is k??

Scientifically Explained: For A, when you squeeze the bottle, you actually increase the pressure of air inside the bottle, so you are at your fast pace when you do this, but unfortunately when the bottle retain its original size, the pressure of the environment becomes higher than inside the bottle, therefore it pushes some of the water back into the bottle, and thats why the water flows slowly at this time. For the answer B, well it is clearly to say that you did use much force but lack of force of pushing the water out of the bottle, instead you making the water up and down along the bottle for so many times. Lastly, for the answer C, well, the vortex is actually 'helping' the water out of the bottle really fast. The vortex is actually an airway so that when you pour out the water, the bottle will replaced its contain with air of surrounding, so the vortex helps to flow the air into the bottle really quick, increasing the pressure of air quickly and therefore pulls out the water really fast.

You see the vortex there?
'It' helps you pour out the water alot heh..

So that is it..
The answer is C hahah..
Not believing this? Make sure you try this at home okayh? It's not hazardous and it's not harmful at all. Better sure to make the in a toilet or outside you house or your mom will be monstrous if you happen spill the water anywhere in the house..hehe3

Till then guys..
hope you enjoy the experiment for today..
next time will be SUPER TOUGH question given.
so then

Memang Bijak!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Clever Edisi Malaysia #1

Hai there...
In this post, I want you guys to come with me venture some ideas about science, logics and explanations of how anything or everything is related directly to the relative idea of science and the logically thinking of human...

not all things can be explained directly by critical thinking of a human.. and the inspiration of a man making an explanations of a thing is basically by the power of an eye..and that is the ULTIMATE OBSERVATION (and it is one thorough observation okeyh??)

~I was actually been inspired by the game show "Clever Edisi Malaysia...Bijak, Memang Bijak" (just love the motto) that is aired on Channel 611 in Astro.. it is actually a competition between 2 schools competing for points awarded for them each time they answer a science problem correctly~ basically this science infos is taken largely from the TV game show itself, and i am proud to point out this knowledge to all....


Question is:
Is temperature of the toilet door mat and also the tile of the toilet be
A. the same??
B. different??

preview of how we do the experiment

Logic Answer : well, one might answer is the experience that when u step on the floor or tile of the toilet u will felt cold, but instead u felt warm when step onto the mat..

Observation : When u check the temperature using a thermometer, u may find that the toilet door mat and also the tile or the floor of the toilet is merely the same..this happens as the mat and also the tile have reach their thermal equilibrium, simply known to say as the temperature of both the mat and the floor had reach their balance temperature..

Scientifically Explained : As u step on the floor or the tile, the cement which is a good conductor of heat will exchange the high temperature of your feet with the temperature of the cement which is cold, that is why u felt colder..and as u step onto the mat which is a poor conductor of heat, it wont be able to exchange the heat between the two contact at fast pace, therefore u felt warmer than the floor.

Science is interesting rite..
i love being explained for anything i dont know..
and i love to share..

memang BIJAK!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Senario Kerja Promoting #2

skunk nak sambung plak cerite kedua tentang hari-hari kerja aku...

here goes-:
Ok...i kinda find it is interesting to see people go buy things in a store or any hypermarkets to fill back things there run out in their houses, especially they would go there to buy more frozen foods..the only thing that most of the customers will sure bring along with them is a small piece of note with the things they need to buy on their left hand (for those left-handed), and also a ball pen, which they need to cancel out things they have got..

well, what do interest me is that one day, when I'm having my way to fill back the stocks of my Adabi products to their respective shelfs, there was this lady that had drop her paper really just beside i offer myself to help her to pick up the paper..but, because of i just took the upper page of the paper, it then flip out and turns out it was actually a long paper (you know like the Visa or credit card holder..the old version one)..hahaha...

is just like these one..hehe3

And i am a bit shock because, thru all the long paper was written all the stuffs that the lady is going to thoughtful she is of going to buy all the she is going to buy completely for the whole year (i were wondering @_@)..hehe3

~sorry if that lady reads this..~
so bubbyee`..`

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shoppers Day

it was a shopping spree day with my mom and my little bro and sis today wonder around at Maju junction mall till stucked at Pusat pakaian Hari-Hari..though im not the one that wanted to buy stuffs there, and the only reason im following my mom today is because i never love to leave my mom wondering alone with her naughty kids in the city of Business (busy-ness)...hahaha

Well, i dont really want anything and theres nothing in my mind sets to buy anything just yet...but the only reason is because Me and my mom need to renew our Identification card aka I/C, coz my mom wants to have her new image into that card, and for me....well mine have been corrupted and because it was really tear off, so i really need a good damn looking I/C..
(mine was seriously damaged...and i didnt change it for about 8 years...pretty long huh??)

to start on the journey...we had took the bus straight to the maju junction mall, where the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or shud i say as the National Registration Department sited.

metrobus 91

The only thing which i felt not quite right is that though the JPN is located inside that maju Junction Mall which quite had a Very Outstanding Name...yet the location of the department itself isn't the way i think of...
yeah...i think people in KL sure knows that this department is located at the parking level of that Mall..
huh...wat a weird place for a government department to have such a location...(?_?) mom and i have settled the photography and the card will be ready for at least ten days of working days...
so just wait for my new I/C now, and for that moment...i still holding on my old I/C with me..

then we had our way to the Hari-Hari Clothing Center...(is it right to put it in english??)
hahaha lil bro here isnt tall...and got this extra plumpy it is quite hard to find such size these days coz here in malaysia...all of the kids are getting it?? (think of the genes might have mutated from its origin..hehhe3)
but we manage to get the size fit enough...and we did also bought shoes for them..hahaha...
(well we just buy those cheaper one...MYR 10.00 and below..)
but at least it still look like a shoe...(>.<)

im done with the sprees...and at least my mom and i have settled some of the things for them to start over their new journey of back To school next year..hope all of the cheap-ies can really hold on to a year...really hope so...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Senario Kerja Promoting

Aku just kerja kat tempat aku tuh Sabtu dan Ahad jer...
So tak lah tired sangat kaki niey..klu hari2 aku dok bekerja for that tiring 8 hours, and berdiri sepanjang masa, dengan duit gaji yang oklah jugak kan...aku sanggup jer lepaskan...for the sake of myself, aku rela fikirkan diri aku..sebab kalau nanti sakit kaki kerja tak jalan pulak kan??

Walaupun penat untuk 2 hari tuh, for me..being as a promoter is much entertaining than i expected...not because of the jobs...but for me the best part is to met and have to look the outside world like 'loud and clear'..hahah

so hari nieyh nak berstory pasal bende2 yang terjadi for after 3 weeks aku kerja kat sner

Tempat aku promote barang adabi tuh dekat sangat dengan tempat scan harga, or shud i say as the Barcode Scanner untuk pelanggan2 yang konfius dengan harga barang2 kat know when you scan the barcode on that machine...kan nanti ade keluar bunyi ...BEEP...kan??
hahaha...well ape yang menarik yang aku nak ckp sbbnye untuk 3 minggu aku keje kat situ, kalau budak2 lalu kat machine tuh, this is like the must word they will say

"....ayah/mama nieyh ade tempat bayar..tak ramai orang pon kat sini.."

hahhaa...get it?? they do think like the ...BEEP...sound the machine buat macam dekat cashier counter lah...
so funny i must say...

nanti aku story-mory lagi keyh.
bru blik keje nieyh..

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Breaking Through

Last night I can't make myself to fell asleep.. And I did make my eyes closed after watching two movies played at Chanel 702 which is the Diva Universal..It was a drama that really fascinates my eyes..really enchant me with the sacrifices and the upstanding love that the mother shown infinity-ly to their two son she had..The story begins:Patsy (the mother's name) is a cheerful single mom with her two very dearest sons, Jason and Kevin..she is being a single mom ever since her true life partner, her husband had died during his handling at his workplace. So she had sacrifices all his time to pay and feed her family 24/7. She is working in an office as a janitor, a waitress in a simple restaurant and she had collecting plastic bottles to gain extra money. Her oldest son Jason is working as a paper boy to help his mother's burden a little bit..But all had changed after Kevin which already been known with his asthma had an acute respiratory failure and Patsy needs to gain really large amount of money to pay the hospital billings.Fortunately,her friend.. I forgot her name, had help her with the bills, but with some advice on a job that will change her whole family's life. and that job is by becoming a dealer..Patsy resist the offer at first but she can't stand with the pledge about to foreseek about her childrens life. And that means becoming dealer is the only one way that can break through her harshness of having money and helping their children.She then becoming one of the dealer in her neighbourhood. She had gain much money to pay and buy foods and also some medicine for her sick child. She was very glad but at the same time nervous of being bad to gain that money. Later, her friend asks her to go and meet her client, which is their big boss dealer coz that guy wants to have some interrogation-like observation of his new partner. So she went to see the guy, and because of the guy wants to have some faith with her, he asked Patsy to have a "taste" of the drug..because of her desperation, she just took the drug, when then her life goes spirally jeopardize as she becoming addicted to the drug and had reformed herself from a cheerish mom to a smoking head, red alert mother which always feels annoyed with their children. She becomes more forgetful, and the love seems to swept away within herself to her children, which they too notices of their mother's change..there are quite a times that Jason wants to bring along Kevin away from his mother..but Patsy had stops them from doing so. Because she do love them, just the only reason that she can't control of herself anymore and wants the help of their children to help her change. Kevin which very dear to her mother had pulled Jason back and together they have helped their mom becoming their 'mother' back again...Then Patsy had outwit herself to go to the police and tell about the syndicates and had helped the police to capture the big boss..THE END..Nice story right??I do love such sacrifice which that mother had forward her love, endless love to her beloved children, with nothing to mumbling about the works she do, and the time she uses just to gain money for her family to survive..and she never ever not loving her children. It is so sweet that Patsy had shown support to her childrens spoken-ly or litterally not spoken..I do know my mom is just the same as Patsy with what had she done to me until who am I today. Without her love, maybe I couldn'take it to this far..I just love my mother so very much..To, PUAN NORHAYATI BINTI MOHD ZAINThis is just a bit of my endless love to you , and I just hope that you know thatI LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Aku dah dapat Keje

setelah puas aku duduk di hadapan komputer dan membuka bermacam-macam laman web yang
memberi ruang kepada mereka yang ingin mendapat pekerjaan secara part time...

dan boleh kata pada saban hari,

dari pagi hingga ke malam aku menjengah komputer dan menghantar resume ku untuk di
pratonton kan kepada mereka yang nak hire orang.


aku dah berjaya mendapatkan kerja sebagai LONG STAND PROMOTER di Carrefour Wangsa Maju.

Dah mule dah kerja nieyh starting Saturday,

mmmm...semalam lah kirenyer..Hehee3 bestnyer dapat keje walau pon dah macam saat2 akhir
baru dapat kan...

penat dah aku apply kat berbagai-bagai company,

ade yang for motor show kat mner yex??


ade yang untuk PC fair lah,

promoter kat giant ade,

sunway ade,

Jusco ade,

ade yang kena promote barang prototype pon ade taw..

Yang tuh semua aku try bedal..tapi nampknye, aku dah dipilih oleh pekerjaan ini.

Syukur sesangat

Kerja aku nieyh senang jer..
BERDIRI dan PROMOTE...hahahha tak susah kan??

OWh lupe, aku nie as the ADABI BRAND promoter,

so barang-barang Adabi semua aku promote lah, tapi aku nyer barang dok kat shelf jer, so
promote dari situ lah sebab barang Adabi nieyh tak de pape promosi pon
But it is quite interesting though, can interact with many peoples, dari mereka yang tak tau bahasa malaysia, in purrrfect english, and some which yang tak taw langsung nak sebut english, haaa yang ni payah sikit..

Anyway..within these 2 days memang banyak dah bende aku dapat,
one thing is that aku dah hafal dah selok belok Carrefour tuh, not all but almost..
and another thing dah made friends dah, dari yang Bangla sampailah yang Cina..
They are Nicer too..


Aku akan still keje sampai end of December nieyh,

But Only for two days which is the weekend..


tak sabar nak tunggu minggu depan..


Friday, December 03, 2010

It's Myne

Hey folks...
the Journey of Go Lucky Me into You has been reformed..
The old self had generated to a next level where I'm being more sophisticated with a generation that flows along the upcoming 2011..

It's Myne
will be really in depth,
meaningful expression of myself which i had created for so long that i would love to create and passing this idea of mine to you guys..
and by the time flows,
from much experience that i will be gaining throughout my journey and life.
From where i Stand breathing right now till when I close my eyes gasping my last breath..

The relationship that i am and will encounter, that would be much of my continuing ideas for sketching this diary of myself..
Thru the die-hard laughs, gossips, and the cry more tears..
and lotsa more..

Stay in touch where hearts can be touched by reading, and the feelings are felt thru understandings..
I really hope that this diary wont be a non-necessary thing I've done..
A lovely comments will be really appreciated..

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Quotation #2


is not being counted by

and age and old

These girls really ARE matured!


is best known for those

know and can deal



Monday, November 29, 2010

Asyik-asyik bende nieyh ^L^

Kita hidup hari-hari selalu akan melakukan kerja yang sama berulang kali, mengikut faktor umur kita sekarang. Yang bayi takkan sama ngan yang bersekolah. Yang bersekolah sudah tentu tidak seperti yang masuk Kolej/ University. Yang Belajar tinggi nie plak takkan sama dengan mereka yang dah berkerjaya. Dan amat lain pula bagi mereka yang sudah mendirikan rumah tangga.

With those factor, anyhow you're event of a day will be practically the same, yet it is very much differ because of one word which seperates them apart. "RESPONSIBILITY".

With great power comes great responsibility.

That should do the trick. Hahaha.. As you grow up, with age increasing, korg semua akan banyak menempuhi dunia yang dipenuhi dengan tanggungjawab. Jika dulu korang mule-mule sekali ade tangungjawab sbg contoh dpt gred bagus dalam pembelajaran korg, nnt bile korg dah keje kang, korg jadi the front man utk korg nyer ofis ke, bende tu kriteria die same jer, but the things you have to make, orang-orang yang perlu korg kendalikan, nak penuhkan capaian yang dalam skop yang besar, memang payah.

korg taw tak, aku selalu terpikir yang buat keje selalunye membosankan...not much membosankan tapi MEMENATKAN. chores are the most extremely boring work to be done in everyday life. sape suke kena suruh, perkataan PAKSA tu mmg lagi lah nak kena hantuk kan. But nnt satu hari, korg akan rser yang korg nyer chores tuh bnyk sgt membantu korg dalam kehidupan after-adolescent korg tuh, lebih-lebih lagi dalam keadaan yang bekerjaya dan berumah tangga. Lagi lah korg cam nak pitam. hahah.. but wat makes me not is dat coz of my parents. dorg bleyh buat so takkan kite takleh buat. thats y i'm being independent skunk..korg tau tak mksud independent sebenar. independent adalah dua perkataan yang disatukan. TAK CAYE tgok yek


ok?? dah caye dah..hahaha
so, aku rse tanggungjawab tuh yang buat kite pikir kite bleyh buat, dan akan buat. and of cos being independent is an additional marks and advantage to the case..hehe3..ape yang aku buat kbnykannya sbb of this thingy lah. tpi ade jer mngelat gak wlau dah tau bende tu vital. heheh. nieyh nme die NAFSU..but nak wat cmner.. klu dah termakan sampi tak igt dunia..heheh3.

Tapi semua kena ingt yang ini terletak atas tangan dan keputusan diri. ade certain diri akan memberontak klu dah menggunakan cara salah dalam perihal diri. ini yang penting, dan bagi keberkepentingan ini lah seseorang seharusnya bersikap jujur dalam diri, dan paling penting menjadi MATANG dalam keputusan.

tak taulah aku merapu ape semenjak
dua menjak nieyh..



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Waves~..~

..There's always been a tough road before the easier one..

Selalunya cakap memang senang. Dan memang kebnyakan orang kat dunia nieyh been always to BEHAVE like that, siyesly in behaving like that. But hopefully aku bukan segolongan dari orang yang cube berfantasi mulut tapi tidak meredah realiti. I always owe myself big time dengan bende-bende yang aku nak, aku inginkan dan segala macam yang aku harapkan, which is bla..bla..bla.. (sory malas nak tulis lah sbb panjang dan banyak sangat) hehe.. Bear in mind, its OWING not HAVING..meaning aku bukan ade pon benda yang aku nak..

Sesetengah orang mmg nampk dunia nieyh mcm paradise, bagi mereka yang berduitlah. but bagi mereka yang tak, alam seakan menentang kehidupan mereka. bukan sahaja memporak perandakan seinci tiap nafas yang dorg amik, tapi jalan masa hadapan dorg pon dah nmpk seperti ditentukan dengan keadaan yang bukan dorg nak sgt pon. Hey, it's like HELL okayh..

Bagi aku, kehidupan nieyh terletak dalam tangan kite sendiri, walau Tuhan Yang Maha Esa menentukan. Tuhan ade berkate yang DIA takkan mengubah nasib seseorang itu jika orang tuh tak nak mengubah nasib die sendiri..benarlah yang tuhan memberi kite pluang untuk MEMILIH. Dan kepada Dia hanyalah petunjuk yang mutlak, yang tiada bengkang-bengkoknya. Oleh itu berusahalah dan memohanlah kepadaNYA kerana DIA sentiasa melihat kite.

Ade certain yang kite terpaksa lepaskan tu, tak bermakne tidak diberi sesuatu yang lebih baik. Dan kekadang kite tak sedar yang ape sahaja yang kite dapat fikirkan yang SANGAT TERBAIK untuk kite itu sebenarnye ada YANG LEBIH SANGAT BAIK lagi. Mungkin tu bukan lah kehendak kite, ya benar. Setiap perkara yang kite nak tapi tak dapat, kehendak yang tak dapat ditunaikan, kemahuan yang tak dapat dituruti, semuanya menyedihkan. Tapi apa pentingnya semua itu kalau kite tak dapat teruskan hidup kite. We're the actor of our own show, how we plot the story is by how and what we want it to happen. What r the meaning for ' Life Must Go On'

Lagi satu, what's the purpose of having trouble? Kite semua tahu yang masalah memang sentiasa melekat kat kite, mane je lah ko pegi, tak de pon masalah yang pernah tak bercumbu ngan korang. But itu ke maknyer trouble? Trouble is to solve it. (kalau itu jer lah maknenyer, ramai lah yang sentiase berfikir dangkal)..ade reasons which naked eyes can't figure out the purpose of having trouble. And this is what you have to find it out..But kalau ko yang suke mencari masalah untuk diri sendiri jer, tu pandai2 sendiri lah nak setle kan..saje nak cari masalah kan..

The best part for being in that Hard Road is for us to LEARN. Learning is AWESOME. doesnt meant korg kna bace buku all the time. and not all things tertulis dalam buku. the best part of learning bile korg dpt experience bende nieyh sendiri. ur much more Intelligence rather than HAFAL..thru that harsh road you'll see the easiest way afterwards. dont even blame the problem, blame urself for not try to solve the problem. kalau korg lari pon, bukanny problem tu will just stick in ur mind, and whts worst?? your life miserably miserable..


Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Outta My Way

the one that always interrupting me day and night...
making me feel ALIVE all the time..before
I'm not cherished..
its unbelievable that YOU become insincere to me..
for all this time we have been..
rolling the world venturing the impossibilities
now I've SENSED it though it can't be SEEN...
little by little..
the senses open my eyes bout you..
wouldn't want to make things rough..
coz u have been with me since we met..
n for the interpretation that I wrongly made..
that you 'understands' me..'s TOTALLY WRONG..

it hurts okay..
for sumtink being deeply recognized..
throughout this while..
oh gosh..
your just MEAN..
maybe you just MEANEST
"trouble is a friend" should be defined massively to all

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raya Qurban - Mulakan Pengorbanan

Salam Aidiladha
Salam Raya Qurban
Selamat Hari Raya Haji

Jangan berkire jika manusia itu tidak memandang pon apa sahaja pengorbanan anda.
kerana hak mutlak yang memberikan kehidupan mutlak kite hanya Tuhan Yang Satu.
Die yang menyawakan kite juga mematikan.
dan Dia lah tempat kite kembali.
Biar dicemuh di dunia, namun keberkatan tercapai di akhirat.

Pesan dan Berpesan-:
Buat baik Berpada, Buat Jahat jangan sekali.
Biar kite memuliakan diri dengan pandai menjaga pekerti, berhubungan dengan sesiapa jua di dunia mahupun dunia akhirat dengan cara yang baik.

thankx to all..
today oficially is my 70th blog post



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pureness - Hitomi

hye again..
nak propose one more song yang sangat menyentuh jiwa..
(walaupun aku tak paham)
the way they create the melody..
it soothes you alot..

Pureness sang by Hitomi
~hear it folks~

Itsudemo watashi wa
doko nimo minakute
Shizukani hitomi de
Meko tochite iru

suno fukai mizu no soko
kono yatteru watashi wa
nami moi ne nai wa maru
Utsu kurai nemuru

Sore demo anatano
ukumori noko netsu Tsukeru

kanjite inomi wo horeraru wo korijite

la lala lala la

watashi mo sekai na
kawaii na shimeteru
honto no kimochi wa
wakanara ima wo

kana tanoko sobaja keba
Suki tomoru watashi ni
ata bakari sono katachi
aka takaku meru no

kasuka na omoide
yumenida anata wo torani

kanjite inomi wo horeraru wo korijite

kono yuka yuko to made
watashi wa yo mitakeru
ana kagaso kono miru no
washitameru you ni

kasukana na omoide
yumenida anata wo torani

kanjite inomi wo horeraru wo korijite

Itsudemo watashi wa
doko nimo minakute
Shizukani hitomi de
Meko tochite iru

Friday, November 12, 2010

peringatan peninggalan pt 5

segalanya dah berakhir
segalanya dah tiada..
penat lelah dah lupus untuk sem nieyh...
trimas kepasa sem 5 yang berjaya,
menghidupkan part 5 aku nieyh,
dengan bnyak dugaan,
dan banyak ajar aku,,
erti hidup..

owh yea..
bnyak gak aku dpt nampak..
sem nie,,
taring belang org..
bnyk dah aku dalami...
aku mmg bnyk buat salah..
dan aku mengaku salah itu,,
dan trimas kembali bagi mereka yang tunjukkan salah ku..
mase untuk aku merende' pulak..

Friday, November 05, 2010

Be gud TO urself

Nardine says-:
The happiest people in the world are not those who have problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less then perfect

Me Said-:
the hapiest people to be well said is not about they love to be wild and crazy, or can get along with all of their friends, but to have at least felt great for wat they tink or do dat wud make them feel great

Nardine Says-:
"do wat makes them feel great". . not trying to be sumone their not just to make themselves happy but the truth is, deep down, their not.

Me says-:
"Just BE the way YOU are"

love to share this to all

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ribaibaru - Mayumi Itsuwa

hari nie nak perkenalkan
satu lagu jepun yang lama..
tak silap around 80-an lagu nieyh...
waktu tu aku tak lahir lagi..
n aku baru tahu lagu niyeh
(thankx sinar)

mak aku suke sangat lagu nieyh...
so aku pon dah hampir terikut jejak die,,,

Ribaibaru @ (revival) - Mayumi Itsuwa

Furishikiru ame no naka o
Ashibaya ni toori sugita
Natsu no hi no inazuma no you ni
hakanaku kieta futari no koi

Are hodo hageshiku moeta
Kokoro ga ima wa hai iro no ribaibaru
Kurikaesu dake no omoide wa
yomigaeranu kako no monogatari

Yukizuri no hito naraba
Wasuraremo suru keredo
Namida gumu rasuto shin dewa
Ai no fukasa ni kizuite ita

Arehodo yasashikatta anata no
Omokage ga ima wa aozametari ribaribaru
Kurikaesu dake no omoide wa
Asu wo shiranu kako no monogatari

Are hodo hageshiku moeta
Kokoro ga ima wa hai iro no ribaibaru
Kurikaesu dake no omoide wa
Asu wo shiranu kako no monogatari
Are hodo hageshiku moeta
Kokoro ga ima wa hai iro no ribaibaru
Kurikaesu dake no omoide wa
Asu wo shiranu kako no monogatari

Saturday, October 30, 2010


ku tahu ku bukan siapa2..
ku tahu ku bukan apa2..

ada kalanya ku memang sombong,
berkala juga ku mmg sinis...
bukan niatku melukakan
tiada ingin pun untuk menyakitkan

madah ku jenisnya berbisa..
ada yang kekdang
terasa terhadp luahan ku,
ramai juga yang benci..
owh tak mengapa..

aku mmng dilahirkan,
untuk merasekan..
ginilah hidup..
dan mungkin,
adanya kepuraan diri ini,
tak sedar perbuatan melampau
yang sering dengan yakin..

masih belajar..
kecapi dunia ini...
melalui 2 ciri,
dari hubungan dan diri sendiri.
dan ya memang selalu..
ku perlakukan salah
ku membuat kesilapan

ku bersyukur.
diberi peluang membuat kesilapan,
kerana ku yakin.
kesilapan adalh guru tebaik dunia.

ya memng sntiasa berulang kali,
membuat slah biar pasti sekali..
mohon maaf
hanya kerna pasti
diri ini bersalah,
memaafkn bukan kehendak diri
ingin dimaafkn adalh nafsu diri
bukan ku berkuasa
dalam mmberi pilihan ini..

yang sangat pasti..
ku mmg bnyk berslah
setiap kala,
setiap ketika,
golak jiwa
remuk hati,
andai tak mengizinkan
hilaf ini dibersihkan..

paksaan dan keharusan..
bukan pada diri ini,
mampu menyusun
10 jari kecil,
genangn air mata
kerendahan diri..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

oh gosh~~ >.<~~

rite now...
dalam rambang mata untuk meneliti perincian stiap saintifik BIOLOGY
n the worst case is..
i got backache , and i am siyesly, intensely in pain...
how to overcome...
can anyone help me please...
i cant bear it anymore..
cant even move from where am i now...

Monday, October 18, 2010

VIva!! is FINALLY over

19th october 2010..

freedom for presentation

hell to study

BIO 310 comes first for final

and lastly csc (computer science)

i'm gonna compute myself from now on

owh and the misery of web designing

how am i wanted to have this semester over now

but still thank to god for having this weigh down from my shoulder..
eventully i can breathe normally again today...
thankx to all
supportive and clueless


Sunday, October 17, 2010

all i need in this life is a push..
someone who believe in me on whatever i do..
someone who encourage me..
who took me for nothing else but to help and understand.. who respect me on whatever ground i am.. someone who when in doubt always be there to guide.. someone who i would call a brother and act as such.. all i want is the sense of achieving.. thats all
but it seem that would be too much to ask for
but you know what, once someone did it.. and i'm very happy..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quotation #1

If you are not that tough,
then stop and don't act like one...


If you DARE to be tough,
hope you will be patience for
a greater success come reaching for you..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

for first tyme music zone #1

hai there...
for the first tyme entry...


~sory if its not placed accordingly~
so aku kan letak pe jer yang terpikir kat kepala keyh..

so here it is...
the number 1 vgm (video game music) yg aku nak rekomen kat korg..
tak tau lah klu korg suker ke tidok kan...

the moon theme
nintendo gameboy colour

heres the link to have the access to the music
so enjoy dears..
see ya for the second song...
update sooner >.<