Friday, December 25, 2009

WFC beralih kepada KFC

greetings to JENGKA-ians...
actually the uitm jengka students....
you guys are so not going to miss WFC coz rite afta u step back for your lecture weeks...
u will have a restaurant to put off your sorrowfulness from ur stomach...
n of coz the die hard crazy eating books..

coz here it comes babeyh...
the first and the only franchised fast food restaurant
appearing at Nadi Kota..JENGKA..
here comes the COLLONEL
here comes


be sure to belanja me yek...
esp the 17 wonder members..

thankx 4 the info Ezani (ezzo)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar (2009)

The closing year of 2009 really wraps up with a very sophisticated yet an awesome movie...

this sci-fi movie really show the beauty of nature and its very fascinating and fantastic as well...

this PG-13 movie really stumble all of the people who watch this movie either the normal one or the 3D version..
(there's my friend who watch this movie before me, and he said that he heard of somebody crying during the play) the movie really have a plot which direct the emotions straight to the heart..

from a creator of 'Titanic' , James Cameron have light on this movie worldwide on 18th of december 2009..
this movie have collected for their box office a sum up of
$77,025,481....a big sum huh??

i dun want to talk who do the play or whatsoever( i noe u cn read from the pics)...
but one thing i wud like to focus on is the plot that really, really touches me...
CONNECTION is one word that really empowered the movie so much
"we are all connected"

James Cameron is very realistic in showing the CONNECTION of us with things surround us...
by using the end of the Avatar's or the Na'vi's 'tochang' hair with the end of living things' 'connector'( i wud say) which then they need to connect the two end-to-end. (reflecting the bonds)
and how the Na'vi natives are really having such a strong bond to each other of their community..
that's how homosapiens should live in this world..

this movie also entails the power of obsession on money (materialism) that posses someone to do whatever it takes although they are forgetting that they are now ripping off their dignity and leaving behind their humanity without any concern at all...

i'm humbly express to all humanity,
be a human...
act a human...
the way it was...
not the way it is MUTATED...

nyway hv fun watching the movie~

biggest thankx to
for giving me such a great leisure time
watching this movie together....
in rememberance (22nd December 2009)

owh yea not forgetting
HAPPY Bufday

Saturday, December 19, 2009

3C;.... China @ Cold @ Creative??

owh for this post...
i got sometink cold, yet it is china n yet it is creative...
haha..(3 in 1)

all of this are very stunning.. n you dun have actually to sweat at all
(cos its very cold)..
the china-ice building are a total mesmerizing...
have fun viewing~ ;>

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FRauD!!! On9 bank websitE

Hello once again...
this time want to share a really important info with u FRAUD

its actually not a big deal for me or maybe some who read this blog as this kind of thing had always been a major problem at any state of the world...
cos we are going through this very advanced and updated technology that also been absorbed to Malaysia itself...

n there also this group that is so called geniuses who very genius in utilizing good things turn to bad..
i just dunno why does they really love to use their very awesome talent for something which actually can put them behind bars, suffer through their whole life..??
n even though they wont be caught here in life..
for sure those guys are going to suffer right into hell...
regretting wont do any turn back time..

here is the info i want to share wif u guys..

HONG LEONG: the fake

Hong Leong:the real one
MAYBANK: the fake

MAYBANK:the real one
if u happen to stumble this FRAUD websites, please dont handover or register any of your infos directly into this websites as they will use those infos and the next day u will have RM0 in ur account balance..
(well, they actually post this website links into your email account and ask you to update your information)

*this source came from my father which he also get this from someone else...
hope you guys don't be this website's victims or you lose all of your money..n hope you guys can spot the differences between these two real fraud websites


Saturday, December 12, 2009

TypHoOn in PEnaNg??!

actually lama gak aku nak post mender nieyh...
tp intenet got stuck sumwhere n i just hate it...

hv u guys ever heard of tornado storming in PENANG..
well it really happens and sumone had caught the pics...

but im so grateful that notink terrible happens
(aku rser nie mungkin sebab MEREKA2 "hrp dorg paham" yang pi penang tak bawak aku skali kowt)

nyway here sum stuffs that have been very picturesque~

it seems real...
no photoshop added

well...everyone there hoping there will notink terrible happen....
n we seek for prayers that this tink won't happen again in the future..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


its often not to be said in words~
or maybe aloud it in action~
a feeling or a desire....
or a hope...
whether it is sumtink for good...
or even bad...

when u 'think' of sumbody..
u may be having a pop Q..
did the sumbody 'thinking' of you..
maybe he just goofing around..
socializing with his life on the scenario...

it is not in purpose for sumbody to think of sumone..
those two peoples do have their very own lives..
and they merely thinking of that sumbody...
whats more important..
it is just not things that can be seen..
like seeing each other...
or maybe
sumtink like a gift for u to feel the sumbody's presence anywhere..

the feeling of hearts..
that intertwines to each other..
in connection..LIVING

that's what i see through all kinds of relationships..
any when

its the heart which actually connects u even further to that sumbody
and it makes u alive~

special dedication to all who read this..
thank you very much^.^
though we not seeing each other too often..
I hope we did make our hearts connected together..

Friday, November 27, 2009

SpEaking to ThE ExpEriEnce~

a 10 day course of intensive training for brass band had really made me becoming a man...

attending to UiTM Dungun Campus starting on 15 Sept till 25th 2009 really change my mind set..
i am now bringing new advancement and also new courage to alive back things that being darkened ever since i am in UiTM Jengka for continous 3 semester...

to those in cooperation and collaboration-:
1) Azim a.k.a Oejang
2) Zuheir Ashraf
3) Anas a.k.a mamat
4) Najwa Diyana
5) Nabilah
6) Bella
7) Adh'ha
8) Daus
9) Ain
10) Ezani
11) Arep
12) Rin

u guys really inspired me and encouraged me a lot throughout the intensive training..
the experiences with u guys are totally awesome..
lets together we uphold and raise back the legacy of our band...

end of the intensive training...
hepy bab dh plan jln2 kt kuantan..
sad coz nk kna tinggal kn juniors..woooo~

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Friend and Friendly

Always be honest
Be there when they need you
Cheer them on
Don't look for their faults
Every chance you get, call
Forgive them
Get together often
Have faith in them
Include them
Just listen
Know their dreams
Love them unconditionally
Make them feel special
Never forget them
Offer to help
Praise them honestly
Quietly disagree
Rescue them often
Say you're sorry
Talk frequently
Use good judgment
Vote for them
Wish them well
X-ray yourself first
Your word counts
Zip your mouth when told a secret

"when u have a friend...befriend with him"

Yours truly,
A Friend And Having Friendship.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Merayakan DIRI di hari Lebaran

semalam hari ryer ke-5..
aku, mak aku n my youngest sister, balqis kuar rumah p beraya kt umah sedara n kt umah lmer aku ler.
ryer kt umah jiran..

lmer giler aku tak dtg blik ke keramat nieyh..
and its so different compared to almost 8 years i think i left that place..
im so grateful...
dpt gak jumper member lmer aku..

  1. first ktorg p sri damansara nek teksi dr umah...wah skunk nek jer dh 3 ringgit...mahal sangat...n smpi sner has cost us 20 bucks...OMG,,,nyway semagat rayer tak pudar.. sebab nnti dpt duit cover blik...wkaakak...that house yg ktorg p tueh kt FLAT TAMAN CEMPAKA, SRI DAMANSARA..n it is my moms kakak angkat.,,,hehe quite syok ler kt sner..n ktorg blik pon ader yg tolong anta...hahaha
  2. secondly, lepas blik dr sri damansara ktorg p lak pulak ke keramat, my old place b4 kt gombak..first ryer umah wan induk...then umah cik Sal n after that umah member aku ler,,,cik hawa..

yg besh nyer...dulu aku ryer tak jumper pon member aku nieyh...syakir a.k.a apek...hahah
hari nieyh sempat merobek hati dyer...hahaha
lmer giler tak jumper dyer...
woaah...rindu giles...

well he making his way ahead me this time..
going degree, amek lesen kereta...n makin tinggi,,,wakakaka
hmmm....rindu giler kt dyer
nyway syabas keyh dpt masuk unimas a.k.a university malaysia sarawak..
n blaja leklok kt botany tueh...

yg len aku tak sempat jumper n ader yang kuar..
so cm2 je lar semalam nyer citer..

selama ari ryer maaf zahir batin keyh semua,,,
n bloggers toooh...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Senyumlah hingga Menonjol Lesung Pipit

di hari lebaran ini,
kita bermaafan..
susah untuk lepaskan dendam bara di hati..
namun apa yang kita dapat lepas memaafkn dan dimaafkn???..
kepuasan hati bagi mereka yang sentiasa yang suka memaafkan..
dan ketenangan jiwa bagi mereka yang telah dimaafkan..


walau apa jua nama yang kita sebut..
inilah satu2nya bulan yang kita tunggu,,,
tawa dalam tangisan..
di seling dengan pelukan yang mengeratkan kita..
dan mengembalikan kita kepada utuhnya tali persaudaraan kita...
siapa yang tak sudi untuk dipeluk..
pelukan membawa kehangatan
kepada indahnya bersma keluarga
dan teman2..
yang disayangi
dan mnyayangi..
shr.jpg Selamat Hari Raya image by myaeras
Senyumlah anda hingga
timbul lesung pipit
di hari

Thursday, September 17, 2009

from *D to month of FORGIVENESS and HAPPINESS

long time not upd8ing my blog...
bukan malas tp got things need to take care first...

i'm back to "RUN THIS TOWN"..

okey first thing to start..
aku terase sebak tp at the same moment enjoy gak...
Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming aroun the corner...
countdown til diz Sunday..
the blooms of happiness, sadness, sorrowness...
and not forgetting fullness of all pockets wif raya ang pau...hhahaha

Selamat_Hari_Raya.png r image by laydee_ima

date: 16 September 2009
first batch being 'kicked out' from jouney of staying long at jengka for hari rayer holz is fadhil and choki...

date: 17 September 2009
another batch being kicked out were Me, Mek Jat, Oejang n lastly the hounarable yang teramat mulia tuanku sultan Bulek zainal abidin

date: 18 September 2009
the last batch are Super, Pejal a.k.a pie John Hary P n also Fariz a.k.a patrickZZZ

one by one left...
seeking forgiveness..(tp berniat nak duit ryer jer)
for those who hve fight and will won the battle soon enough..

dengan penjelmaan hari ryer nieyh...
aku nak mntak ampun beribu2 ampun kepada mereka yang selama ini aku sentiasa sakitkan ati a.k.a SENTAPkan korg...esp my friends in uitm PHG jengka

1. Mek jat rakan bilekku...sori klu aku olwayz sakitkan ati ko wlupon ko sgt bek untuk tak tunjukkan, tp still i can see it,,, forgive me...

2. kepada bulek...maaf yang tak terhingga gak kt aku so aku pon nk mntak maaf yang tak terhingga dn tak terkire gak...minta maaf bulek...bulek tak per...

3. kepada afiq yang hepy olwayz...sory plz do laugh as u olwayz do during hari ryer...n plz put on haler keyh..hahaha

4. Super, sory ko sentap ngan aku pasal MARVEL VS CAPCOM, n gak pasal BLIK RYER, n sory AKU BLIK RYER DULU B4 U...sory tersuper skali dr ku..

5. Oejang pon gak lah, nak mntak maaf but dunno wat to say... maybe u know what did i do to you for me to seek ur forgiveness...or maybe the other way round..hahaha

n of courze the others...
it is a blessing for me to be with u guys...
SELAMAT HARI RYER AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR BATINSelamatHariRaya2.jpg Selamat Hari Raya image by RillzG

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Renung2kan & Selamat Beramal #1

its actually a silly thought yet its something that i want to share with you guys..
its about SMOKING..

pagi around 11.45 a.m
Waktu aku tengah tolong mak aku masak nasi ayam..
me helping cutting the salads (tomato, timun and salad itself)..
and my brother, hmm i think he helps to clear out the dishes in the sink..
while my mother is stirring the chicken rice soup on the stove...

Tak tau lah macamner idea nieyh boleh zap kt dalam fikiran aku..
bt once i flash my view to my brother, the idea come out of nowhere..
maybe because abang aku niyh dedicated giler kt batang hangus tueh..haha
n actually nk kasi lawaklah kt dyer kononnyer

spt nieyhlah abg aku dedicated on smoking...ngahaha

"...i don't care any about smokers, but i'm too concern about those who do not smoke @ non-smoker but effected, scientifically known as passive smoker."

then aku pon crita lah sikit pasal pasif smoker tuh tkut2 dowg tak paham esp abg aku ler...

"..pasif smoker tuh is a non-smoker which breathe in 'thrown out' stuffs by a smoker..The interesting part is that pasif smoker will die first eventually..."
oleh itu, aku pon buat lah konklusi sendiri-:

" DO SMOKE...Those smokers out there somewhere or should i say anywhere..plz SMOKE EVERYDAY so you wont die early..haha"

so renung2kn...
amek konklusiku sbg peringatan
enjoy ur life to the fullest

pikir dulu sebelum hisap...hahahha

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Momento of Dean's Dinner 2009

2009, 2nd semester...

my frenz dat tersenrai dalam Dean's Lists...seronok sakan depa heheh3
dari kiri-: bulek, mek jart and vanny@vampeC)

sebenarnya tak ingat sangat bile dinner nieyh..
tp yang pasti ktorg termasuk the other deans kna or should i say wajib pegi sebab klu tidak nnt kna tindakan tatatertib dengan HEP
(dok bilik gelap kna soal siasat, kononnya)...
aku pon sebenarnya pelik lah...
dah tolong UiTM pon kna paksa lg...

Anyway, dat nite nak ckp grand pon tak gak...
bt to me dh dpat bersamer ngan budak2 yang hebat-hebat termasuk salah sorg dr ktorg on that nite adalah prof PhD terkenal dengan skema jawapan nyer...haha n other gurlz and guyz of my course syok sgat...
hebat2 blaka budak2 kt UiTM Jengka...
eh clap its actually UiTM Khazanah Alam...

nieyhlah Prof PhD yg aku ckp tuh
dyer dpt trofi len drp ktorg memandangkan standard BELIAU
(pejal a.k.a. pie john kerana hebatnye dlm M3) it's said to be adelah jamahan ckit2 bt not for me...
aku tak jamah tp melantak...wakaka...
tp cume aiskrim jer yg besh and also their quench...itu jer yg aku selera sapu..
most of the makanan 'buffet style' dier tu tak besh...
bt my fren said the taste is incredible..
so i just thought mungkin aku nyer lidah malam tuh dh takder human taste kowt...seram n sejuk huuuuh

aiskrim yg aku melantak kire2 4 cup kowt...
bnyk tuh

And the other thing..
dowg dhlah buat kat Dewan Sejuk Giler a.k.a DSG,
sejuk mmg tak tahn..
pastu pgurusan dat nite tak sronok ckit coz they say dh rmi dh budak jd dekan..
so aku pon sejuk balik bab in a blink of my eye, dulu adelah sekerat dua jer yg dpt jumpe org cmnie...
tp dh kt U nieyh nk bilang pon tak leh dah...heehhh3..
way the go guyz n chicks...haha

aku pon tolong gak capap kt dinner dekan nieyh...ngeheeh3

gratz to all...
esp to my frenz of my course coz dowg gak yg tolong aku bnyak...
love you all...
n tak luper kpd yg len keyh

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dari SEPET ke GUBRA...kini ke Rahmatullah

Well as always, I stay up late just to hear and watch the non-stop music video on the ASTRO's channels, favourably to Astro Hitz.TV coz I am now having my 1 week at home for the Mid-Sem holz..

It was just after I had my way laughing out loud watching my favourite show 'The Nanny' on The Hallmark channel (and i do know most of you love the show too) starting at 11.30 a.m with 3 back-to-back episodes..

At almost 1.45 a.m on the other day, the video music I watched starts to aired with the "not my type" songs which makes me yawn and yawn all the way when then I suddenly remember Jules (a Fly FM Dj which one of my favourite) was on air for the 8TV Nite Live, so I turned over to 8TV..

Then, I just have this sudden bump, when I was looking at the chatting box stating "Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009) R.I.P"... well at first I was unbelieved with the statement until Jules herself had stand with the statement as she says "...Yasmin Ahmad, a great producer had passed away after she did stabilized from the stroke she had 2-3 hours before.."

It's been a very much great loss for me and others, an incredible director/producer which much makes my hearts fond to her works and movies..all her movies although it had much controversial, yet it did attract people's attraction to her 'out of the box' thinking and views..

Love you lotz...;-(

She did make a blog of her own...check out

Nama : Yasmin Ahmad
Jawatan: Penulis/Pengarah Filem/Penerbit
Tempat Lahir: Bukit Treh, Muar, Johor
Tarikh Lahir: 1958
Meninggal Dunia : 26 Julai 2009
Status Perkahwinan: Berkahwin
Suami: Abdullah Tan Yew Leong (berkahwin Januari 2003)

Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, Johor Bahru

Profesion:* Penulis, Ogilvy & Mather* Pengarah Eksekutif Kreatif, Leo Burnett
2003-2009 Pengarah FilemFilem:2003 Rabun2005 Sepet2006 Gubra2007 Mukhsin
Iklan:* Suratkhabar Lama* Makan Bola (sempena Bolasepak Piala Dunia)* Forgiving (iklan terbitan Petronas)
Berlakon Dalam Drama:2003 Min2006 Tai yang yue (Rain Dogs)
Penerbit:2005 Raining Amber

* Biasiswa, Kementerian Pendidikan* Juara, Talentime Ested Fodd, Wales

1975 Naib Johan, Bintang RTM ‘75
2003 Filem ASEAN Terbaik (Rabun), Anugerah Video Malaysia ke-8, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Filem Reka Bentuk Terbaik ASEAN (Sepet), Anugerah Video Malaysia ke-9
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Wanita Antarabangsa Creteil, Perancis
2005 Cerita Asal Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM18)
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM18)
2005 Poster Terbaik, Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM)
2005 Filem Asia Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Antarabangsa Tokyo
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Global Chinese Golden Arts, Genting Highlands

2006 Pelakon Wanita Terbaik (Gubra),Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)
2006 Lakon Layar Terbaik (Gubra), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)
2006 Poster Terbaik (Gubra), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)

2007 Pingat perak (Mukhsin), Netpac Festival, Jojagkarta
2007 Anugerah Filem Terbaik Kategori Generasi Baru (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2007 Tempat kedua Anugerah Juri Kanak-Kanak (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2007 Filem Cereka Terbaik Asia Tenggara (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Cinemanila, Filipina

Artikel:2005-2006 Menulis kolum di New Straits Times Press

Keluarga;Bapa – Ahmad HashimIbu – Inom Yon
Filem yang ditayangkan dan menyertai Festival Filem Antarabangsa;
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Antarabangsa, Singapura
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Asia Cinemaya, New Delhi
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Torino, Itali
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem San Francisco
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem Asia, Barcelona
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem Wanita Antarabangsa Creteil, Perancis
2007 Mukhsin, Festival Filem Antarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2006 Ahli panel Debat Budaya 1 bertajuk Filem Melayu, Filem Malaysia… Ke Arah Mana Sinema Malaysia
2006 Juri, Pertandingan Filem Pendek BMW (BMW Shortie’s)
2007 Juri, Festival Filem Thessaloniki ke-48, Greece
2008 Juri, Festival Filem Antarabangsa Berlin (Berlinate) ke-58