Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar (2009)

The closing year of 2009 really wraps up with a very sophisticated yet an awesome movie...

this sci-fi movie really show the beauty of nature and its very fascinating and fantastic as well...

this PG-13 movie really stumble all of the people who watch this movie either the normal one or the 3D version..
(there's my friend who watch this movie before me, and he said that he heard of somebody crying during the play) the movie really have a plot which direct the emotions straight to the heart..

from a creator of 'Titanic' , James Cameron have light on this movie worldwide on 18th of december 2009..
this movie have collected for their box office a sum up of
$77,025,481....a big sum huh??

i dun want to talk who do the play or whatsoever( i noe u cn read from the pics)...
but one thing i wud like to focus on is the plot that really, really touches me...
CONNECTION is one word that really empowered the movie so much
"we are all connected"

James Cameron is very realistic in showing the CONNECTION of us with things surround us...
by using the end of the Avatar's or the Na'vi's 'tochang' hair with the end of living things' 'connector'( i wud say) which then they need to connect the two end-to-end. (reflecting the bonds)
and how the Na'vi natives are really having such a strong bond to each other of their community..
that's how homosapiens should live in this world..

this movie also entails the power of obsession on money (materialism) that posses someone to do whatever it takes although they are forgetting that they are now ripping off their dignity and leaving behind their humanity without any concern at all...

i'm humbly express to all humanity,
be a human...
act a human...
the way it was...
not the way it is MUTATED...

nyway hv fun watching the movie~

biggest thankx to
for giving me such a great leisure time
watching this movie together....
in rememberance (22nd December 2009)

owh yea not forgetting
HAPPY Bufday

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