Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Give. Is It Your Ultimate Purpose?

Narayanan Krishnan
Yes a name of nobody does not know. And honestly, if I do say about him, this is how we react to the name,

"..owh, he's an Indian.."
or maybe like
"..nah, I don't know.."
"..who's he..".

Uhum, if he isn't broadcasted, or even known by a person to what that he did, he will definitely just a mere human (as how I do know him). But being somebody has made him sits on an upper level than ordinary humans. And the thing that touches me the most bout him
"Sacrificing to Give"

Not all have this as their "Ultimate Purpose of Life". 
Where anything stands beyond others reach, which differs from YOU that completely filled with everything in life. 

In the circumstances and conflict of life, there boundaries that takes us to be somebody or nobody. But, that is all psychological thinking of human itself on leveling people for the desiring their level of satisfaction, power and stands. Yet, it is we the humans, are all the same. Characteristic is one other thing, but for those that have something more than those aren't (frankly speaking in terms of physiologically) yeah they will physically look lesser and that look projected as the downgrading of their social life itself, thus creating other minds to think that he/she is something "LOW CLASS".

He's a man of an average thinking. But for me, its not the thinking that bothers me, it is how he act to what he think. So that should motivate you guys (and so do for me). And, surprisingly I do have an opinion of the action he done that makes me wanted more of doing it

"What is the ultimate purpose of life?
It's to give.
Start giving.
See the joy of giving."

i maybe,
and hopefully,
with those passion,
breakthrough my norms,
as he does..
and Giving,
is one of my,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Junko Furuta

Hai again..


Its been a long time I did not post anything here in my precious blog. Well, it has been such an extreme days and months for me cause I got a lot to face and I clearly don't have time to post. (its not that i DON'T have any idea at all, but its just that i think its best for posting something interesting rite?). So to make something clearly interesting (maybe I'm the one that feel that) and so to get to your attention for the blog, so here is something I think will catch your eyes.

Ever know this pretty, cute face with dense hair?
Yup, maybe some of the Facebookers know this girl already aren't you? So the title of the post shows it all isn't it? Yeah, her name is Junko Furuta, a Japanese-Asian looking face which IS a Japanese..heheh3. So, what is so special bout her that make me wanting to post her for my so-called homecoming blogging?

I actually stumbled upon this story just recently (today I suppose emphasized) and it was posted to a wall of my friend (hey, I'm a Facebookers too, but don't say I looking into my friend's wall like I'm stalking him, duhh~~).


There's a lot of psycho guys out there tend to make suffer to things, and so does to human. (hey, got no job/better things to do eh?) My gaadd. It's freaking and at the same time rage me out for those kind of act which I believe is a TOTAL ABSURD. 44 days of torturing, non-stop story of forces, hurting, raging are just make you wept. And for us to have the kind of peace-wanting mind (like I do) is as much as we want justice to prevail upon those psych, this is what it should be done. THE RIGHTS OF JUSTICE.

story goes-:
DAY 1: November 22, 1988: Kidnapped
Kept captive in house, and posed as one of boy’s girlfriend
Raped (over 400 times in total)
Forced to call her parents and tell them she had run away
Starved and malnutritioned
Fed cockroaches to eat and urine to drink
Forced to masturbate
Forced to strip in front of others
Burned with cigarette lighters
Foreign objects inserted into her vagina/anus

DAY 11: December 1, 1988: Severely beat up countless times
Face held against concrete ground and jumped on
Hands tied to ceiling and body used as a punching bag
Nose filled with so much blood that she can only breath through her mouth
Dumbbells dropped onto her stomach
Vomited when tried to drink water (her stomach couldn’t accept it)
Tried to escape and punished by cigarette burning on arms
Flammable liquid poured on her feet and legs, then lit on fire
Bottle inserted into her anus, causing injury

DAY 20: December10, 1989: Unable to walk properly due to severe leg burns
Beat with bamboo sticks
Fireworks inserted into anus and lit
Hands smashed by weights and fingernails cracked
Beaten with golf club
Cigarettes inserted into vagina
Beaten with iron rods repeatedly
Winter; forced outside to sleep in balcony
Skewers of grilled chicken inserted into her vagina and anus, causing bleeding

DAY 30: Hot wax dripped onto face
Eyelids burned by cigarette lighter
Stabbed with sewing needles in chest area
Left nipple cut and destroyed with pliers
Hot light bulb inserted into her vagina
Heavy bleeding from vagina due to scissors insertion
Unable to urinate properly
Injuries were so severe that it took over an hour for her to crawl downstairs and use the bathroom
Eardrums severely damaged
Extreme reduced brain size

DAY 40: Begged her torturers to “kill her and get it over with”

January 1, 1989: Junko greets the New Years Day alone
Body mutilated
Unable to move from the ground

DAY 44: January 4, 1989: The four boys beat her mutilated body with an iron barbell, using a loss at the game of Mah-jongg as a pretext. She is profusely bleeding from her mouth and nose. They put a candle’s flame to her face and eyes.

Then, lighter fluid was poured onto her legs, arms, face and stomach, and then lit on fire. This final torture lasted for a time of two hours.

Junko Furuta died later that day, in pain and alone. Nothing could compare 44 days of suffering she had to go through.

When her mother heard the news and details of what had happened to her daughter, she fainted. She had to undergo a psychiatric outpatient treatment . Imagine her endless pain.

Her killers are now free men. Justice was never served, not even after 20 years.
They deserve a punishment much greater than they had put upon Furuta, for putting an innocent girl through the most unbearable suffering.

This story from 1989 is true. Please spread her story around. Everyone should know about the existence of Junko Furuta’s unimaginable and incomprehensible suffering, and this is why this group has been made.

Invite your friends. Never let her story be forgotten. If this story changes the life of at least one person then it has been worth it.

Rest In Eternal Peace,
Junko Furuta

I may not be the saviour, 
but I am following the steps of becoming the saviour. 
Do I have done the sacrifice that i should done? 
I know its not enough, 
intended of
not superficially
but logical reality actions.