Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Give. Is It Your Ultimate Purpose?

Narayanan Krishnan
Yes a name of nobody does not know. And honestly, if I do say about him, this is how we react to the name,

"..owh, he's an Indian.."
or maybe like
"..nah, I don't know.."
"..who's he..".

Uhum, if he isn't broadcasted, or even known by a person to what that he did, he will definitely just a mere human (as how I do know him). But being somebody has made him sits on an upper level than ordinary humans. And the thing that touches me the most bout him
"Sacrificing to Give"

Not all have this as their "Ultimate Purpose of Life". 
Where anything stands beyond others reach, which differs from YOU that completely filled with everything in life. 

In the circumstances and conflict of life, there boundaries that takes us to be somebody or nobody. But, that is all psychological thinking of human itself on leveling people for the desiring their level of satisfaction, power and stands. Yet, it is we the humans, are all the same. Characteristic is one other thing, but for those that have something more than those aren't (frankly speaking in terms of physiologically) yeah they will physically look lesser and that look projected as the downgrading of their social life itself, thus creating other minds to think that he/she is something "LOW CLASS".

He's a man of an average thinking. But for me, its not the thinking that bothers me, it is how he act to what he think. So that should motivate you guys (and so do for me). And, surprisingly I do have an opinion of the action he done that makes me wanted more of doing it

"What is the ultimate purpose of life?
It's to give.
Start giving.
See the joy of giving."

i maybe,
and hopefully,
with those passion,
breakthrough my norms,
as he does..
and Giving,
is one of my,

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