Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who's To Say

hello bloggers..
sorry coz i dont have time for updating my blog.
and its been a while as the internet connection at my campus are DAMN slow ~.~

well, just forget bout it.
in this opportunity ive stumble upon, i like to introduce to one of the song that i think it suggest to all of us not to bother what others said..
and its a song by a pianist named Vanessa Carlton. I'm pretty sure you guys know her, talented hand dancing on the piano keys with superb beautiful voice, she's one given the talent to surpass others.
and with this song, i hope those feeling down can cheer up with the song >.<

the lyrics is with the vid. and this vid don't have any official videos made. Hmm thinking of doing one with the song...hahaha

to Marsh Micky Yoochun
and others that have heard...
peace, believing, outstanding

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