Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seeing a Step Ahead

"It's hard when something u ought to think it's true, yet it's just only on basis of ur knowledge and not from those acknowledge or majority agreed to." 

Well, that is SOOOO true, in some ways. When ur dealing something closely related with religion basis, then u shud with no terms and option to obey and follow its rules, customs and obligations, rite?? Coz, no matter what u think is right, if it says no, then is a NO!! definitely definite.

And in terms for those who have experience on dealing something which the outcomes will be the ONLY ONE, then there is no point in re-battling or arguing on those things. But certainly, most things are balanced with its good ways and its bad ways. So i can only agree partially for this.

In a way where we ought to think bout something or for every reason that come in our way, whether in a good way or bad, in leisure or in busy days, what you think of something, doesn't make it a totally bad for others. Likewise, it gives the opportunity to the others, and so merrily giving hopes and chances and opportunity.

I can't say that i am right in this case, but in my way of thinking, i do think that if someone for instance fat and dumpy, doesn't make you to ought that the person is slow, lazy and related to it. And, to admire someone is gud, but to know something bad of him, and ought that you will directly disagree or trash the admired people is just so wrong. You admire people because of his ability in one or two things, not the bad things. Coz everyone have their bad sides, and the bad sides shud be a barrier for you not to follow, not to be disgraced or bad mouth bout it.

Ok.....lets chit chater later...
hope im not talking crap this time..hehe3
so freaking tired >.<

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