Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FRauD!!! On9 bank websitE

Hello once again...
this time want to share a really important info with u FRAUD

its actually not a big deal for me or maybe some who read this blog as this kind of thing had always been a major problem at any state of the world...
cos we are going through this very advanced and updated technology that also been absorbed to Malaysia itself...

n there also this group that is so called geniuses who very genius in utilizing good things turn to bad..
i just dunno why does they really love to use their very awesome talent for something which actually can put them behind bars, suffer through their whole life..??
n even though they wont be caught here in life..
for sure those guys are going to suffer right into hell...
regretting wont do any turn back time..

here is the info i want to share wif u guys..

HONG LEONG: the fake

Hong Leong:the real one
MAYBANK: the fake

MAYBANK:the real one
if u happen to stumble this FRAUD websites, please dont handover or register any of your infos directly into this websites as they will use those infos and the next day u will have RM0 in ur account balance..
(well, they actually post this website links into your email account and ask you to update your information)

*this source came from my father which he also get this from someone else...
hope you guys don't be this website's victims or you lose all of your money..n hope you guys can spot the differences between these two real fraud websites


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Anonymous said...

haha good job bro!
one of the things you wanna look out for a real bank sites are the 'https://" where the 's' in the http mean that its a secure site (encrypted and all).. hoho :)

abbad said...

giler r
baru taw ni

Saidy~Go~Lucky said...

aku pon dowh..
seram giles...

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