Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dari SEPET ke GUBRA...kini ke Rahmatullah

Well as always, I stay up late just to hear and watch the non-stop music video on the ASTRO's channels, favourably to Astro Hitz.TV coz I am now having my 1 week at home for the Mid-Sem holz..

It was just after I had my way laughing out loud watching my favourite show 'The Nanny' on The Hallmark channel (and i do know most of you love the show too) starting at 11.30 a.m with 3 back-to-back episodes..

At almost 1.45 a.m on the other day, the video music I watched starts to aired with the "not my type" songs which makes me yawn and yawn all the way when then I suddenly remember Jules (a Fly FM Dj which one of my favourite) was on air for the 8TV Nite Live, so I turned over to 8TV..

Then, I just have this sudden bump, when I was looking at the chatting box stating "Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009) R.I.P"... well at first I was unbelieved with the statement until Jules herself had stand with the statement as she says "...Yasmin Ahmad, a great producer had passed away after she did stabilized from the stroke she had 2-3 hours before.."

It's been a very much great loss for me and others, an incredible director/producer which much makes my hearts fond to her works and movies..all her movies although it had much controversial, yet it did attract people's attraction to her 'out of the box' thinking and views..

Love you lotz...;-(

She did make a blog of her own...check out

Nama : Yasmin Ahmad
Jawatan: Penulis/Pengarah Filem/Penerbit
Tempat Lahir: Bukit Treh, Muar, Johor
Tarikh Lahir: 1958
Meninggal Dunia : 26 Julai 2009
Status Perkahwinan: Berkahwin
Suami: Abdullah Tan Yew Leong (berkahwin Januari 2003)

Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, Johor Bahru

Profesion:* Penulis, Ogilvy & Mather* Pengarah Eksekutif Kreatif, Leo Burnett
2003-2009 Pengarah FilemFilem:2003 Rabun2005 Sepet2006 Gubra2007 Mukhsin
Iklan:* Suratkhabar Lama* Makan Bola (sempena Bolasepak Piala Dunia)* Forgiving (iklan terbitan Petronas)
Berlakon Dalam Drama:2003 Min2006 Tai yang yue (Rain Dogs)
Penerbit:2005 Raining Amber

* Biasiswa, Kementerian Pendidikan* Juara, Talentime Ested Fodd, Wales

1975 Naib Johan, Bintang RTM ‘75
2003 Filem ASEAN Terbaik (Rabun), Anugerah Video Malaysia ke-8, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Filem Reka Bentuk Terbaik ASEAN (Sepet), Anugerah Video Malaysia ke-9
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Wanita Antarabangsa Creteil, Perancis
2005 Cerita Asal Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM18)
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM18)
2005 Poster Terbaik, Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM)
2005 Filem Asia Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Antarabangsa Tokyo
2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet), Global Chinese Golden Arts, Genting Highlands

2006 Pelakon Wanita Terbaik (Gubra),Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)
2006 Lakon Layar Terbaik (Gubra), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)
2006 Poster Terbaik (Gubra), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-19 (FFM19)

2007 Pingat perak (Mukhsin), Netpac Festival, Jojagkarta
2007 Anugerah Filem Terbaik Kategori Generasi Baru (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2007 Tempat kedua Anugerah Juri Kanak-Kanak (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2007 Filem Cereka Terbaik Asia Tenggara (Mukhsin), Festival FilemAntarabangsa Cinemanila, Filipina

Artikel:2005-2006 Menulis kolum di New Straits Times Press

Keluarga;Bapa – Ahmad HashimIbu – Inom Yon
Filem yang ditayangkan dan menyertai Festival Filem Antarabangsa;
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Antarabangsa, Singapura
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Asia Cinemaya, New Delhi
2003 Rabun, Festival Filem Torino, Itali
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem San Francisco
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem Asia, Barcelona
2005 Sepet, Festival Filem Wanita Antarabangsa Creteil, Perancis
2007 Mukhsin, Festival Filem Antarabangsa Berlin ke-57
2006 Ahli panel Debat Budaya 1 bertajuk Filem Melayu, Filem Malaysia… Ke Arah Mana Sinema Malaysia
2006 Juri, Pertandingan Filem Pendek BMW (BMW Shortie’s)
2007 Juri, Festival Filem Thessaloniki ke-48, Greece
2008 Juri, Festival Filem Antarabangsa Berlin (Berlinate) ke-58

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