Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Renung2kan & Selamat Beramal #1

its actually a silly thought yet its something that i want to share with you guys..
its about SMOKING..

pagi around 11.45 a.m
Waktu aku tengah tolong mak aku masak nasi ayam..
me helping cutting the salads (tomato, timun and salad itself)..
and my brother, hmm i think he helps to clear out the dishes in the sink..
while my mother is stirring the chicken rice soup on the stove...

Tak tau lah macamner idea nieyh boleh zap kt dalam fikiran aku..
bt once i flash my view to my brother, the idea come out of nowhere..
maybe because abang aku niyh dedicated giler kt batang hangus tueh..haha
n actually nk kasi lawaklah kt dyer kononnyer

spt nieyhlah abg aku dedicated on smoking...ngahaha

"...i don't care any about smokers, but i'm too concern about those who do not smoke @ non-smoker but effected, scientifically known as passive smoker."

then aku pon crita lah sikit pasal pasif smoker tuh tkut2 dowg tak paham esp abg aku ler...

"..pasif smoker tuh is a non-smoker which breathe in 'thrown out' stuffs by a smoker..The interesting part is that pasif smoker will die first eventually..."
oleh itu, aku pon buat lah konklusi sendiri-:

" DO SMOKE...Those smokers out there somewhere or should i say anywhere..plz SMOKE EVERYDAY so you wont die early..haha"

so renung2kn...
amek konklusiku sbg peringatan
enjoy ur life to the fullest

pikir dulu sebelum hisap...hahahha

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