Friday, November 27, 2009

SpEaking to ThE ExpEriEnce~

a 10 day course of intensive training for brass band had really made me becoming a man...

attending to UiTM Dungun Campus starting on 15 Sept till 25th 2009 really change my mind set..
i am now bringing new advancement and also new courage to alive back things that being darkened ever since i am in UiTM Jengka for continous 3 semester...

to those in cooperation and collaboration-:
1) Azim a.k.a Oejang
2) Zuheir Ashraf
3) Anas a.k.a mamat
4) Najwa Diyana
5) Nabilah
6) Bella
7) Adh'ha
8) Daus
9) Ain
10) Ezani
11) Arep
12) Rin

u guys really inspired me and encouraged me a lot throughout the intensive training..
the experiences with u guys are totally awesome..
lets together we uphold and raise back the legacy of our band...

end of the intensive training...
hepy bab dh plan jln2 kt kuantan..
sad coz nk kna tinggal kn juniors..woooo~

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ZuHeiR said...

shweet :)

yo ma man!! :D

love u all! :p

Najwa Diyana said...

xDD love you saidy~~
miss them a lot..

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