Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Recently I just knew that I'm totally into this blog. With more posts during this holiday, and of course I likely to update my blog each day for a post..
(though there some days that i skipped to post a new story, hehehe3),
it is a complete fascination for me, or maybe to you readers how we did or will be exploring our days, and happily outward the occasion or the memory lane that we had to all people out there.

Hah, I myself like to explore new things, even though I listed myself quite a phobia to certain things, like height, tremendous speed, etc. But, when it does come to me, those phobics, I try to jump myself into the highlighted, alarmed area that myself had labeled so that I can, or probably outwit myself to face those fear (most likely to be happen, IF I am that strong enough to face it, haha)

One thing that I till today have problems to deal with is with my stage fright, or scientifically in the phobia names, it is called as-:
Glossophobia is defined as those that is coward, or politely said as fear of public speaking. Well, I'm not so sure if I am that phobia when on stage, but I am sure that, when I am on stage, it makes me nervous all the time, and when I can't hold it, I will surely can forget everything that I had memorized before.

I remember when I was at the age of 11 (if I am not mistaken), I was in standard 5 by the time, and being the representative for the school (Sekolah Kebangsaan Lembah Keramat) for a story telling competition, "Kisah-Kisah Anbiya'". I actually not remember what story that my Ustadzah had made for me, but the thing I remember is that it is a story telling represented by each school for about minimum 10 minutes, and the story is included some of the Quran phrases.

I don't know why I was nervous the whole time during the day of the competition, even I had myself going to the toilet like every 1 minute. (Felt silly isn't it). I actually had moved on to the district level, after I beat up some kids from the Zone level. Maybe because the level of the competition's getting higher, I was a bit fluctuated. I was picked as the number 2 contestants to represent, and by the time I stood up facing the juries and also the other representatives from other school, my legs vigorously shaking!! But i just ignored it and begin my heart warming introduction speech.

But, i was getting too nervous, and i just CAN'T control it, and that moment, I was like totally white out with all the things I remembered. I stood on the stage like a pole, saying nothing, and I shamelessly spoke out my end speech with my voice can't be heard to all, and it was like shaking terribly. My face was red at that moment, and I just walked away from the hall with my Ustadzah followed me behind. was very secretly-like-hell moment for me and for my school eventually. But, I have a great Ustadzah (teacher) accompany me, and she said that "Never mind, maybe it's not the day for us" (In malay she said). I ask for forgiveness coz I had made shame for the school. (funny if to think back my stupidity shown on that moment)

So, how you decide me as a Glossophobia, am I one of the human that have this freaking disorder? I myself can't decide if I have 'that' in my list, (I mean if I really have those symptoms of a stage fright-er). But, till today, I can't stop to feel nervous every time I get on stage, eventhough to receive an award. I will in complete lost if my name is asked to be on stage. hehe3

Well, there you go.
Today I'm including a new label for my blog page, "We all Phobias of". So, starting with this post as my first talk bout the Phobia, I will begin my Phobia stories
(well maybe not all Phobias I have),
plus some information of the situation of the phobics deal with their phobias. Actually, what inspires me with this Phobias is because they got names that WOW me, and it actually entertain me to say all the phobia words, haahah..

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