Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Honouring The Death

Today is 27th of December 2010..
hmm I still keep counting for the days of my homecoming back to Jengka, yup that is my study place. Somewhere near the woods, or should I say the 'planned' hectares of Palm trees grown by the workers under the Federal Land Development Authority, best known as FELDA. Though I am not really satisfied with my holiday, coz i can't fulfill almost every of my thorough plan
(well maybe it is just some sudden plan),
I am in love to be home. But maybe i should start wake up and realizing back that I am a student, and studying is where should I be.

But, what's with the TITLE is all about...'Honouring The Death' ??, for what reasons you readers might think of. Yes, there is one news I like to share, maybe to reminisce back the day of the black tragedy. It's not because of my relatives just passed away or something nearly connected to me leave the world forever (though one of the Chinese in my neighbourhood had passed away recently, 3 days ago if I'm not mistaken), but the one that I want you readers to remember back is the moment of 26th December of year 2004.


Yeah, it is an horrifying scene that had happened enormously shocking to all Asians, largely for those who felt, seen or maybe the one that saw the moment when the seas ragingly tackle those near the beaches with its huge waves with its height of at least 5 times the height of a coconut tree. ~TSUNAMI~

Yesterday (26th December 2010), counted as the 6th year since the tragedy. I literally didn't meant for you guys to remember the pain, loss and sadness upon my story. But i figuratively came out with this post as I will like to make a moment for us to think deeply, and behave accordingly with what or anything that we marked, from a story or a tragedy or from news, to be a lesson for us.

Scientifically we may say that Tsunami happened because of the movement of land beneath the sea as the pressure and friction between to uneven lands strike one of it to be uplifted above the condition they suppose to be. And when that happens, it moves the water of the sea upwards and creating a taller, huge sea waves which we practically known now as Tsunami. (well, maybe i'm wrong but that is what i understand and know of how the tsunami been created).

Well, i like to pledge, but maybe is more to 'Please', that stop 'punishing' the nature and the environment. Maybe all of us thought that we had never done anything to harm those that very 'friendly' to us, but I think that we all have done super-ly wrong to those two. Think again, we might seen that the one live in Indonesia where the Tsunami had strike suppose to be another part of Asia that is holy, or we Asians labeled it as 'Serambi Mekah', but why the rage of mother nature that full with anger, like they have grudge to us hold long enough, strike those, or a place that we ever can imagine to be happening??
(Those question to be answered by all readers here)

I know, I'm also one of those that always forgetting about being thankful to my surroundings, including the nature itself. But, I hope with this post today, maybe I myself or even the readers reading my post here will instill good deeds, being thankful, and honouring their surrounding, doesn't matter if to someone or to something. That what's important.

~Be humble, Be sincere, Be HUMAN~

Thank You,
And Hope We are Being A Somebody,
Not a Nobody..

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