Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shoppers Day

it was a shopping spree day with my mom and my little bro and sis today wonder around at Maju junction mall till stucked at Pusat pakaian Hari-Hari..though im not the one that wanted to buy stuffs there, and the only reason im following my mom today is because i never love to leave my mom wondering alone with her naughty kids in the city of Business (busy-ness)...hahaha

Well, i dont really want anything and theres nothing in my mind sets to buy anything just yet...but the only reason is because Me and my mom need to renew our Identification card aka I/C, coz my mom wants to have her new image into that card, and for me....well mine have been corrupted and because it was really tear off, so i really need a good damn looking I/C..
(mine was seriously damaged...and i didnt change it for about 8 years...pretty long huh??)

to start on the journey...we had took the bus straight to the maju junction mall, where the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or shud i say as the National Registration Department sited.

metrobus 91

The only thing which i felt not quite right is that though the JPN is located inside that maju Junction Mall which quite had a Very Outstanding Name...yet the location of the department itself isn't the way i think of...
yeah...i think people in KL sure knows that this department is located at the parking level of that Mall..
huh...wat a weird place for a government department to have such a location...(?_?) mom and i have settled the photography and the card will be ready for at least ten days of working days...
so just wait for my new I/C now, and for that moment...i still holding on my old I/C with me..

then we had our way to the Hari-Hari Clothing Center...(is it right to put it in english??)
hahaha lil bro here isnt tall...and got this extra plumpy it is quite hard to find such size these days coz here in malaysia...all of the kids are getting it?? (think of the genes might have mutated from its origin..hehhe3)
but we manage to get the size fit enough...and we did also bought shoes for them..hahaha...
(well we just buy those cheaper one...MYR 10.00 and below..)
but at least it still look like a shoe...(>.<)

im done with the sprees...and at least my mom and i have settled some of the things for them to start over their new journey of back To school next year..hope all of the cheap-ies can really hold on to a year...really hope so...

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