Sunday, December 26, 2010

Clever Edisi Malaysia #2

Hai again guyz..
today for the second experiment of 'Clever Edisi Malaysia..Bijak??..Memang bijak!!', we are going to ask a simple question regarding our everyday life situation..hmm wonder what could the experiments would be..

So to kindly make you understand the whole process of the experiment, i would like you to have yourself-:
  • 2 plastic bottles
  • some tap water
hey..its really easy to get all this 'ingredients' huh?..well what are you ready for..go pick up these stuffs and we will make an experiment based on the question that i will give you below here


Ok here goes,
With that two bottle, one of it will be poured with the tap water until it reaches the top. While the other bottle will be sticked together with the bottle filled with water at their openings..
like this

make it kinda like this..
but be sure to take off the plastic cover on the bottle

so here goes the Question:

What is the best, fastest way of pouring the water inside the bottle to the other bottle?
A. Pump it by push the sides of the bottle
B. Shake it up and down like we used to do to pour out sauces from its bottle
C. By spinning the back of the bottle

Logic Answer: Well, to start with A, many will used this way as the pressure will pump out the water really fast. But might some of us pick B, which also a common way of pour out things out of a bottle. But likely, not all will pick answer C, as if to be think of it, the water will be spiraling all over the bottle, so then it will drop out the water slowly.

Shaking the bottle like this ok?
but be sure to make it like the one instructed...

Observation: If to check the answer A which is pump the bottle, you may see that the some of the water will slowly poured out when the bottle retain to its original shape. For the answer B, well when u shake back and forth he bottle, it same goes to the water inside the bottle which the water will be rocked back and forth. For the answer C, there is a vortex appear in the middle of the bottle directly to its opening.

Squeeze the bottle really hard..
try out..but don't do as the picture is k??

Scientifically Explained: For A, when you squeeze the bottle, you actually increase the pressure of air inside the bottle, so you are at your fast pace when you do this, but unfortunately when the bottle retain its original size, the pressure of the environment becomes higher than inside the bottle, therefore it pushes some of the water back into the bottle, and thats why the water flows slowly at this time. For the answer B, well it is clearly to say that you did use much force but lack of force of pushing the water out of the bottle, instead you making the water up and down along the bottle for so many times. Lastly, for the answer C, well, the vortex is actually 'helping' the water out of the bottle really fast. The vortex is actually an airway so that when you pour out the water, the bottle will replaced its contain with air of surrounding, so the vortex helps to flow the air into the bottle really quick, increasing the pressure of air quickly and therefore pulls out the water really fast.

You see the vortex there?
'It' helps you pour out the water alot heh..

So that is it..
The answer is C hahah..
Not believing this? Make sure you try this at home okayh? It's not hazardous and it's not harmful at all. Better sure to make the in a toilet or outside you house or your mom will be monstrous if you happen spill the water anywhere in the house..hehe3

Till then guys..
hope you enjoy the experiment for today..
next time will be SUPER TOUGH question given.
so then

Memang Bijak!!

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