Friday, December 03, 2010

It's Myne

Hey folks...
the Journey of Go Lucky Me into You has been reformed..
The old self had generated to a next level where I'm being more sophisticated with a generation that flows along the upcoming 2011..

It's Myne
will be really in depth,
meaningful expression of myself which i had created for so long that i would love to create and passing this idea of mine to you guys..
and by the time flows,
from much experience that i will be gaining throughout my journey and life.
From where i Stand breathing right now till when I close my eyes gasping my last breath..

The relationship that i am and will encounter, that would be much of my continuing ideas for sketching this diary of myself..
Thru the die-hard laughs, gossips, and the cry more tears..
and lotsa more..

Stay in touch where hearts can be touched by reading, and the feelings are felt thru understandings..
I really hope that this diary wont be a non-necessary thing I've done..
A lovely comments will be really appreciated..

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