Monday, February 21, 2011

8 Dances HONESTLY!!

WOW...can't ever imagined that all those hard work and sweats, and aches and painful, tiredness etc had paid us really well on that night. An event which I personally think that it starts and ends, thruout the event period itself was SUPERB!! >.<

MAG or Malam Alunan Gemersik held for the fifth times (5th season) really blows the day. Never thought that making an event on Sunday is sure to attract more people than the usually been thinking and have been done. Yeah...I know that this event is the BIGGEST organization and AWESOME hit held by KEB or Kelab Estetika Budaya  UiTM Pahang. Everyone sure loves to go and watch any reality show like this huh...Do you??

MAG is an event for people to show their talented skill with superb voice competing each other for title 'THE WINNER'. Same goes to any reality show, just that this competition needs the singer to perform 2 songs; one in the genre of Etnik Kreatif and the other one goes with the theme of the season. For this semester, we decided to put POP as the main theme song. Yet the element intended by us, the dancers to show our performance is the festivals or pesta.

I was happy thruout the event itself as this will be going to be my last show (hopefully not) for this semester..."Hey, I'm almost done with the diploma, need to have some brak a little bit, old enough to be think of.."hehe. Giving the best that i could no matter how painful my leg was during the day, hoouuu~ it really gives me some nerves to think back that I couldn't really perform well, much in what do I expected. Though, fun I was kept thinking. I want it to be my best review of my past life. goes the list of my dance that nite i (we the KEBians performe <3)
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Overture 1Malaysia
  • Joget for Umpan Jinak Di Air Tenang
  • Ceracap Inai (girls only)
  • Zapin Pekajang (tremendoulsy like hell, but its nice to dance)
  • Zapin Putar Alam and Zapin Tanjung Labuh for Pantun Budi
  • Tiba TIba Tembok (pesta Festival)

A lot huh?
you know what it means aite??

It's worth to do, it's worth the pain, and it's worth with what we have shown.
I'm Glad, We're relieved, and All are happy.

~that's just it~
~hope to cover more~
~ever stay in touch yo~

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ureshi said...

mesti seronok, kn... aq klau bleh nk g MAG lg skali... cedeh aq...

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