Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SIlent thru the Soothing Waves

Again but the worst, people are now being threatened with the rage of the mother nature, where the "give and take" is not equivalent from the generousity of the nature had given to human mankind. We had too much been given warnings and signs of what our stupidity and arrogant with the 'money-maker mind'.

12th March of year 2011..
It's an 'honour' for the nature to show back what they are capable of, for humans that live stepping everyday on them. As what they have been supportive, supplying and protecting us is like being trashed again by monstrous humans. A bigger magnitude of 8.9 in Richter scale is most 'wondrous-explosive' history to be claimed after the big hit in 1940.

Today, as we start grieving the loss one, the goner etc, we really need to be more calculative for any undertakings and actions that we are going to pursue. Though it might think and seen like it is all about yourself, but we are bounded to everything, including those that can't be seen with our own naked eyes. For every steps that we are ongoing to take, there is something that will be effected to it. So we do think it is for human and mankind, the benefits that we are going to have by doing it, it might seems to be seen as simple as that, but it has more. It's not for the sake of mankind. It's the sake for mankind and all that are connected with us; earth, air, water, sound, colours, heat, anything and everything one's mind can think of. For how much and how many does God have given us things for us survive in His world, we need to be thankful and not being arrogant, acting like the world is yours.

We can't live forever, so do things on earth, in the sky and in between them, it won't last long. We know it's hard to make it, but easier for destroy it. But things will get better if we do preserve and conserve them the way it suppose to be. It's simple isn't it?? But still people do have brains but they JUST have brains, never use it. Yeah, to think back again, actions speaks louder than words, but with some people that are brainy, message by words would have a lot of effect to them. Start thinking again guys, for the commandment you have made before you enter living in the earth. For peace you always wanted to be real. For the sake of your beloved ones, and for whatever dreams and happiness that you longing to rejoice. When the path is right, chances for all the things are much brighter, and you may even grasp it longer than you know it.

~everyone said that~
cheers and daaa....

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