Friday, January 07, 2011

Seeing your Chances

Big chances you will get as far as your eyes can see. As how much you wanna make all things grabbed in your hands, in your life, with full-hearted and enormous dedication and hard works you put on it to just make it become the truest thing, the reality that had put behind all the 'just dreams and fantasies'.

For us that love making resolution in their life, you know that every time you're making some evolution to your life, it is either you just having fun by settling down with that hopes or you really want to have it become true. Because oneself are the only one that can make anything come true, even when you want to grab something to eat too, you have to ask and force yourself, to work for it.

Making things come true is really a fortune for all of human beings, and it didn't biased to those with more money, or got more luck, but the only thing that really counts is how you put yourself with a lot of hard work to make it true. There's nothing as waiting for something to fall in front of you (though some of us are really lucky to be in that situation), but by most of the time in your life, you are the only one that know what to have and what to do.

In whatever or wherever you are in this world, you know that chances is always be by your side, though you always feel like your at the end of the damnation of your life. Being and thinking positively that really effecting how you think with your chances, and emotionally to try to have it with all your wits. Knowing the consequences is a part of the challenge, and we know really well that nothing is perfect. Nothing is too good until you know what the bads are, aite??

Supposedly we do think on this, but we like to put it at the back of our thinking. We know that we always can do it, but we just love to hold back for something we called scare, and low enthusiasm, lack of self confident and blaming self for everything we actually could, but we won't admit it. Though we are the one that knows really well about ourselves, but not all things we know really well..

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