Sunday, January 09, 2011

To Love and To Be Loved

Love is priceless. Where it can't be set with a price, having an auction for it or try to make it. It is one of the humblest emotion a human have throughout their life. No force could create such a masterpiece. Though nowadays people tend to see love is something to be joked around, making fool to others, and redundantly abandoned it for something called 'real love'.

Couples define love with how much they wanted for their partner have in their list. Beautiful body figure, trendy and up-to-date (for girls) or so for men. Handsome, discipline, strong etc. But in every fine search throughout the world, it can be estimated around 1 out of billions of human here in Earth will have a partner completely with what they want to, I assume. Because the one that I have looked through is that those couples are mostly not a part of their list. But how does they be sticked like glue to their partners? That's when all say the love is Magic, and love is blind. Perception of love didn't define and resisted by age, race, country, places, and also religion, is it??

We mostly heard some of us had bought their love, where they shows their love are totally cheap and can be bought, the equivalent (love = money). That is a total gruesome for me, as they can't see how miracle to have a love, endless love, pure love. Talking about the desperation they are to try having love that is created and tied with money. When every breath they take in never have the feeling of sensation and love, where just lust and power tangled in every single doings by the tie of that fake love.

We love to love and be loved. It is a two-way communication where both partners have their benefits. Being love and giving love should be more than just a statement of "I can't stop thinking of you" or maybe like this "You are the one in my life, and I won't live my life if you weren't there for me" etc. We do know loud and clear that action speaks louder than words. Showing your love is perfecting how much your words meant. It won't be necessary for us to give things as a way for you to really show your deepest love to her/him, but the important is how can you make your future partner be warmth and dependable on you every time he/she think of you, or your arms around your partner.

Love is an enormous thing, with whom or what you are trying to make the connection with, it is love with different situation but with one same perception. As how you love your parents, it is the same love of perception but have a bit different definition when you are in love with someone to be your life partner. Same goes with someone that have something that holds sentimental value, it is also a creation of love to someone, but the resemblance are hold by a thing in the sake of past memories.

Let the Love Spreads,
Flows with the wind that blows,
And all of the air Fills in Just,
The Magic and Miracles,

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