Monday, May 02, 2011


Everyone sure loves to be welcomed in every circumstances or every scenario they might get into. For the joy we would be crazily overwhelmed its happiness, the sadness we would erase for the sake of cheering and supporting, and to be as much closer in bond-ship as we would thought it might be. Yeah, I'm sure I am a pretty dumber when I said that 'for my instance happiness is by seeing others felt happy first'. It SUCKS right?, and I'm sucks.

I don't know why should I prioritize others rather than myself. As how I got wounded from a fall, it's just me who is there by my side. But yeah, for all things I might done, there is only a small glimpse of self-centered or I can say, I would do for others for the sake of myself. It's hard cos whenever or whatever, I live for others. It's weird huh?

Satisfying soul creates glittering emotions.

I try for once to be in the mood of being self-prioritize, think majorly of myself and I, for future and past is all about me. But it wasn't much to my self satisfaction. Even I couldn't have for at most 10% if every thing that I ever wanted is all in front of me. My 'everything' is not meant for me, but it is meant for others which repels back to me. So I don't get it directly as how I should be getting.

But, for everything I do for others, it really gives me in return a lot. Knowing people, blend with people, seeing people, with all sorts of relationship I have. And the major thing that at most I grasp is, the feeling of satisfaction, which I hope the most when the one I'm connected with really satisfy for what I have done. That will give me the blessings and happiness of the world. And I JUST LOVE THE FEELING.

its not me to decide
but I just love to give
with no expectation to be given back
but, a zillion thanks
for anyone that had merged into my life
for you had indirectly
or so directly
give me the chance
to have the things I REALLY wanted


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