Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chances and Possibilities

What is chances??
  What is Possibilities??
     Are they the same??
        Or maybe somehow related to each other??

Well, i might feel like both of it connects in anyway and anyhow. I believe that in this world, you are not alone, but you are bounded to the things you may see with naked eyes or so to those unseen. The world is actually the larger part of NETWORKING, isn't it??

Chances in my words of understanding, i would say that it shows the opportunity of a person towards something or some event, or maybe the needs they wanted which is now available for them to just grabbed to be owned. Whereas Possibilities is the degree or countability of how far or level you may have or reach on to something you eager on.

Speaking on this two subjects really implies MUCH in every life of a person. With DEEPER context and implementation of the person itself towards the subject, the possibilities can be adjusted, and so does how you will see frankly and even so thoroughly to the chances.

Everybody in this planets are given a piece of chances in their life. It won't be a matter of where you are, position you are in, in which community you belong, God always knows to give everyone a chance. As how much you can grab the chance, even if you had the chance to have the least piece, it brings miraculous and magic to all.

So don't ever waste any of the chance you may get, the one you see. Eager to grab it, and you will glitters a smile upon your, tomorrow and the future ahead you.

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ureshi said...

y do u always hv to type a long post...

(yes, i know this is ur blog...)

if u hv time, call me instead! miss u, Sai!

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